May 17, 2022


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Birth of AMD Ryzen 5000 C Series, the Powerful CPU Significantly Improved for Chromebooks |  Gizmodo Japan

Birth of AMD Ryzen 5000 C Series, the Powerful CPU Significantly Improved for Chromebooks | Gizmodo Japan

To the new era of Chromebooks…

So far, it’s undeniable that Chromebooks have been clearly positioned as capable of doing similar things, albeit inferior to computers, such as how close the usage style is to computers. However, that is likely to change dramatically in the future. Because this timeAMDteethNew CPU for ChromebookAs a result, performance is significantly improved.Ryzen 5000 cThe series was launched, and the Chromebook finally secured its position as a platform with dedicated CPUs one after another!

Extremely powerful with up to 8 cores

Photo: AMD

AMD offers the Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs for Chromebooks. However, the newRyzen 7 5825C“teeth,Zain 3Adopt the mobile architecture8 cores / 16 threadsIt is composition. With the strengthening of the energy-saving function of the manufacturing process of the 7nm process, the processing capacity is improved. It seems that these specifications can be used for business and crunchy. This is followed by “Ryzen 5 5625C”, “Ryzen 3 5425C” and “Ryzen 3 5125C”.

Photo: AMD

As for the amount of power, the Ryzen 7 5825C is compared to the traditional “Ryzen 7 3700C”,WEBXPRT 3in the standard test67% higherRealize your browsing experience. also,Geekbench 5In the standard test107% higherand you doMotion Mark 1.2.2 Updatein the standard test85% higherYou can see that the multitasking and graphics performance have also been greatly improved.

Great prospects for widespread use in business

Photo: AMD

Moreover, it will be the eleventh generation Intel CPU”Core i7-1185G7Even when compared to a “processor”, it’s attractive that the Ryzen 7 5825C still exceeds the benchmark score, albeit by a bit. Moreover, all of this is achieved by significantly exceeding battery life. So, isn’t that at a level where you wonder how far Can You Use Your Installed Chromebook As An All-Slim PC?

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The latest Ryzen 5000 C series at the moment isHPElite C645 G2“AndleftChromebook Spin 514It is only installed on the two models, and the options are still very limited. However, if the assessment that “this perfection can be fully used in business” spreads, more and more will be installed in the future. It may be the development that will come out of the model. Will Chromebook presence continue to increase from now on?