May 17, 2022


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NASA launches "Black Hole Sound" on YouTube Gigazen

NASA launches “Black Hole Sound” on YouTube Gigazen

Most of the universe is a vacuum, and there is no medium for sound waves to pass through, so no sound can be heard in outer space. However, this does not mean that there is no sound, in a group of galaxies containing a large amount of gas, sound waves travel through the gas that surrounds thousands of galaxies. In 2003 from the Perseus group of galaxiesBlack holeAnd the sound waveNoteSince then, the black hole has been researched in connection with the sound, but NASA released audio data that made the “black hole” sound, which was originally well beyond the audible range of humans, on YouTube.

Quick View: Black Hole Sonification Remix – YouTube

Chandra :: Photo Album :: Sonification Collection :: May 4, 2022

NASA Held May 2-6, 2022black hole weekThe movie was released inChandra X-ray Observatory (CXO)Data from a supermassive black hole in the constellation Perseus taken from a satellite equipped with an X-ray telescope. The pressure wave traveling from the center of the black hole causes ripples in the hot gas, which turns into sound. This sound is 10octaveIt is 57 octaves lower than the central part of the human audible range, which is said to be nearly symmetrical, and the human ear cannot hear it. Therefore, the sound waves extracted from the CXO are scaled 57 to 58 octaves above the actual pitch to create a reconstructed sound.

In the movie, the laser light appears to be beeping as it rotates from the center, but this imagines you’re listening to sound waves radiated by the radar in different directions. You can see a low, muffled sound like a roar as the radar is moving.

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In addition to the Perseus galaxy cluster, an international project to capture the appearance of a black hole in April 2019 ”Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)The audible sound was also emitted into the black hole of “M (Messier) 87” of the Virgo cluster of galaxies whose observation image was released by “”.

“Event Horizon Telescope” Aiming to Capture the Shadows of a Black Hole Will Hold a Press Conference – GIGAZINE

by EHT Collaboration

In the movie, the three layers with a violet line, a blue line, and an orange line drawn from the top are combined to produce the sound. Purple at the top is X-rays from CXO, blue in the middle is light from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, and orange at the bottom is Chile.Large Millimeter Atacama InterferometerMonitoring data (radio wave) is displayed. Also, the brightest part on the left side of the image is the observed position of the black hole, from which the flux is generated at the top right. The sound of the last half of the film is said to be what is heard at different ranges by mapping the wavelengths of X-rays, light and radio waves scanned from the center outwards.

Sound waves transmitted from a black hole are the mechanism by which floating intergalactic gas heats the gas as it transfers energy through the plasma.It is consideredIt is possible that “sound waves play an important role in the evolution of galaxy clusters” because their temperature helps regulate star formation. The conversion of the observed visual data into sound not only satisfies the curiosity to know the mystery of the universe, but is also expected to have scientific value.

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