May 19, 2022


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“There is no simulation server in ‘FFXIV'” Yoshida P commented on the pros and cons of third-party gadgets – GAME Watch

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of the MMORPG “FINAL FANTASY XIV: Akatsuki no Finale (FFXIV)” for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / PC, released the text “About Pros and Cons of FFXIV’s External Gadgets” on May 9. This was done.

In the posted text, Mr. Yoshida initially stated that, “As stated in the FFXIV Terms of Use, the use of external tools is strictly prohibited. He also stated that if use is confirmed after investigation, penalties such as temporary suspension of account use and permanent suspension of account use in case of recurrence will be imposed.

On the other hand, 100% strict action cannot be taken because the management side cannot accommodate the individual playing environment of the player. However, the criteria that should be prioritized have been clearly defined.

The survey criteria disclosed are “use of external tools and functions that facilitate the capture of games/content”, “use of external tools and functions that modify the user interface such as a HUD to augment display elements”, and “information”. Use external tools and functions that manipulate packets, notes that encourage these, and actions/actions that you advertise their use.

Regarding “the use of external tools and functions that modify the user interface such as the HUD to augment the display elements”, “I believe this is due to the player’s dissatisfaction with the game”, and the further expansion of various HUD functions in the future. A commented that it would aim.

He also commented on challenging content and race raids. The management side is delighted that an unofficial “raid race” is taking place, and the official spoke about the fact that they only get stuck when several obvious teams appear. However, he said he would refrain from commenting in the future if it encourages competition and excessive controversy to the point where he uses fraudulent tools to suspend him.

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In addition, the existence of an “emulation server”, the existence of which was rumored by some players due to frequent information leaks and analysis of graphics resources, was clearly denied. Regarding information leaks, we are conducting a thorough investigation, saying that there is a high possibility that it was a leak from development/operational personnel, and we will work to prevent recurrence. On the other hand, he called on players not to disseminate information easily, considering it illegal to analyze data by illegal means.

Furthermore, Mr. Yoshida said, “I will continue to post comments like this in the future,” and I would pay attention to his comments in the future.

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