May 25, 2024


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Big TFT news: Deleted Items, New Modes, Exclusive Heroes

TFT developers themselves asked interesting questions from the community in a detailed AMA format. Source: Riot Games

During the week, some developers and TFT team members encountered AMA details (Ask Me Anything) on ​​Reddit. Obviously, they answered many questions directly from the community. In Focus: The Current Situation and Future of Teamfight Tactics.

Since a lot of interesting news and insights about the viewpoint of the team behind Riot Games’ Auto Battle has already been presented in this context, we don’t want to withhold the knowledge generated by you.

Main results from TFT AMA

Among other things, the team behind TFT explained that there is currently an imbalance between Nightbringers and Dawnbringers (8 to 7) because the cart – that is, the story behind the group – has an effect on the current equilibrium. However, you are already triggering a change in the 5.5 group.

There is also news for all tablet fans. Accordingly, a customized version for tablets and thus the iPad is still being planned, but there is no expiration date yet. There is also no deadline for a Spectator Operator, but GreenTeej has no doubt that the October Finals will depart without it.

The old combos must be playable

In the wish list of developers as well as the community, the plan still makes older TFT kits operable again. For now, however, one is still looking for time to deal with the work to be done while installing the other features and innovations that give TFT more value.

In order to establish a TFT in the long run, one also wants to work on improving and expanding the competitive ecosystem. New patterns, as we saw recently with lightning affinity incorporated, will also be on your future planning sheet.

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On top of that, players who have long hoped to incorporate a co-op mode have to be patient. This will still be on your to-do list, but unfortunately there is no further news on it yet.

Overview and Collections

An important question for many active and inexperienced players in the new Group 5 should be an overview of shadow objects and especially the shadow spoon. Leilor says they’re currently working on a design for exactly that. Additionally, TFT’s external cheat sheets will become unnecessary in the future, as they work on a version – initially exclusive for mobile – of an in-house team planner.

For repeat players, on the other hand, who already know almost all of the combos from the inside-out group 5 account, the announced plan to enable more team combos should be very exciting. This must be achieved, for example, through the targeted use of spoons. You are clearly provoking the potential group of a total of 9 skirmishes here.

Overall, Riot Games is quite satisfied with the “arrival” of Group 5. Only the “4-Cost Carry-Meta” could have been “slightly overtaken” at the start of the group. Overall satisfaction could also be due to the fact that you turned down some very crazy plans regarding some of the elements. One of the most ridiculous plans was, for example, the Darkened version of Guardian Angels, which was initially supposed to provide three revivals to the wearer. The dark version of the Rabadon Deathcap should actually kill the wearer for a short time after using the ability.

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For all collectors of TFT-related skins and items, it should be interesting to say that they are currently working on creating legacy content – similar to League of Legends – available again from older Battle Passes. However, we don’t yet know exactly when or how this will happen.

Exclusive heroes not excluded

A particularly exciting statement comes from Wittrock, which actually does not give a clear answer to the question of whether there could be exclusive champions for TFT in the future. Accordingly, it is not specifically planned and needs a very good reason, but it is not an option that can be ruled out.

The same applies to skills that champions in League of Legends no longer possess (often through rework), but can be restored in TFT – they cannot be ruled out, but there has to be a very good reason. With regard to the basic design of the heroes of the new TFT sets, Wittrock states that one first chooses skins before deciding on the choice of custom heroes or synergies. So it is clear that the topic is in focus here at the moment.

Talking about new combos: We are currently working – very clearly – in Cluster 6. This is already in the basic layout in the first release and the developers have already started implementing the first heroes and features. If you like the “Chosen” feature from Group 4, then you have some hope. One can certainly imagine his return, but not too soon.

You can read the full AMA here:

AMA account with developers and friends from TeamfightTactics