April 18, 2024


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“We were consulted without giving us the rules of the game,” says Tarbes Mayor Gérard Trimig

“We were consulted in a somewhat arrogant manner.”, Tuesday morning estimate Mayor of Tarbes, Gerard, a promotion at the France branch, Bleu Bern, Bijor The elected representative welcomes the fact that the mayors have already been able to express their opinion, On the maintenance or non-holding of provincial and territorial elections in June. But the conditions are not really suitable. “In principle, it is good to consult with the mayors. This is the first time that we have been consulted on an issue related to the public interest and we are still consulting in a somewhat arrogant manner.” Gerard Trimig confirms, “In fact, the Conservatives warned us on Saturday afternoon, asking us to give our opinion by Monday noon at the latest.”

A strict health protocol that is difficult to implement

“I am not sure that many of my colleagues, especially in small towns, who had to answer yes, took into account the recommendations of the Scientific Council.”, He adds. Among these recommendations, we can mention the fact of this Residents are vaccinated, Polling rooms are to be set up, possibly outdoors. So Gerard is considered a trim “It’s a bit strange to ask for our opinion without giving us the rules of the game.” The question in particular is Knowing whether or not the recommendations of the Scientific Council should be followed fullyImposed or not.

To Tarbes, 27 polling stations It is open and requires 200 people to sort. “I don’t see how we in Tarbes will be able to find 200 people!” , Confirms Gerard Trimig.

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