September 30, 2023


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Big Daishowa has developed great boring heads with Smart Damper Technology

Big Daishowa has developed great boring heads with Smart Damper Technology

Big Daishua Expands the EWN series monoblock with two thin boring heads with Smart Damper technology. The new products are designed to reduce vibration and increase productivity. In addition, it provides high machining precision and high surface quality.

The new precision drill bits in sizes CK1 and CK2 are ideal for diameters from 20 to 36 mm or 25 to 47 mm. With the introduction of these additions, EWN’s entire monoblock product range, from CK1 to CK7, now covers precision bores from 20 to 200 mm. The built-in Smart Damper mechanism efficiently absorbs vibrations so chatter is virtually eliminated. This enables improved precision during processing and higher surface quality.

Maximum accuracy even with long bores

Thanks to the particularly solid construction of the monoblock drill head, it guarantees maximum precision even with long holes. By eliminating the interface, noticeably tighter tolerances can be achieved. The main advantage of this technology is that the cutting speed no longer needs to be reduced to reduce vibrations. This increases the size of the machine and increases productivity.

Precision boring heads are the ideal solution for chatter-free, deep bores in required materials. In conjunction with the EWB and EWB-UP series, the EWN drill bits are particularly demanding tools. The new CK1 and CK2 precision drill bits are now available.

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