September 24, 2021


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Berthaud transmissions are based on the Volvo FH’s I-Save technology

Since 1985, Transports Berthaud has been loyal to Volvo Trucks because their heavy-duty vehicles allow them to maintain high commercial speeds.

The company that transports fruits and vegetables between Languedoc-Roussillon and wholesale markets in France, Transports Berthaud (Générac, 30) prefers Volvo Trucks. “Since 1985, we’ve always used two types of vehicles. But with the comfort, efficiency and quality of after-sales service from our local Nîmes Trucks dealer, Volvo Trucks has always been our favourite, reports Christophe Crozet, CEO of Berthaud Group. That’s why the 135 of our 150 cars are Volvo Trucks.”

Berthoud Volvo I-Save
Berthaud transports fruit, vegetables, agri-food and pharmaceutical products between southern and northern France. Volvo FH in the picture

Improved commercial speed and lower consumption

Christophe Crozet

The arrival of I-Save in the FH Group at the beginning of 2019 has boosted the desire to follow the brand. Developed for Volvo D13TC engines, the 460- and 500-horsepower FH trucks with I-Save technology beat Christophe Crozet. “I-Save makes it possible to drive at lower speeds thanks to a higher axle ratio. The ‘turbo-composite’ technology gives the engine more torque and allows a more appropriate axle to be used for our activity. We can be at 1,050 rpm at our regulated speed of 90 km/h , maintaining the highest possible commercial speed while consuming the least amount of fuel.Volvo advertises 5 to 8% fuel savings, which we’ve seen.We get an ideal ratio between the cost of the car (I-Save surcharge included), and total cost of ownership , its commercial speed and reliability.Since May 2019 we have acquired 39 FH I-Save, and at the end of 2021 a third of the fleet will be Euro 6 Step-E, and the rest in Euro 6. In the end, I imagine renewing the entire diesel fleet with Volvos FH I- Save 460 or 500 hp”, predicts Christophe Crozet.

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Eco-friendly driving

By monitoring the consumption and driving behavior of his drivers in real time using the Volvo Connect Telematics tool, Christoph Cruz has also noticed that, along with I-Cruise and I-Roll for speed adjustment and with I-See for route prediction, I-Save improves driving environmental. “Our drivers are trained by Volvo workers. Thanks to Volvo Connect, we monitor consumption, social data and driving performance in real time against specified criteria. I expect six copies of the new generation of FH in October. They will be delivered with a remote monitor on which drivers see their ratings. Next They will be able to correct their behavior in real time and we will be able to more clearly discuss the points that need to be improved,” concludes this manager.

Michel Grenand