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Battlefield 6: The first trailer this summer?

Battlefield 6: The first trailer this summer?

sports news Battlefield 6: The first trailer this summer?

Call of Duty Saga will qualify for the competition at the end of 2021! In fact, Battlefield, the premier series of electronic arts, will be back in a few months. But to learn more about this next chapter, temporarily titled Battlefield 6, you have to be patient.

After contacting about the various contributions of this new chapter – Dice and Criterion trust us Let go of the jaw In this new episode called “Next-Gen” – the American giant today brings us a new encounter on the official Twitter account of Wars Saga, we hope, and learn more Battlefield 6.

Therefore, the saga will give us new information in June, unfortunately we do not have much accuracy. However, Electronic Arts E3 is a new EA located on 2021. Play reveals to us using the event, Why Not, the title of the first trailer and of course the 6th episode of FBS Battlefield Adventures. .

We are currently in the daily testing phase to create the best course, balance and best battle game. I can tell you that this is a bold move. It packs everything we want about a battlefield and takes it to the next level. Until April 22, 2021 E.A. Report

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