December 7, 2023


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After all, if you do not agree, the new rules will not be blocked on WhatsApp (for some time)

After all, if you do not agree, the new rules will not be blocked on WhatsApp (for some time)

If you use WhatsApp, you’ll definitely heard about the new privacy policy that the company “imposes” on users, which has already run a lot of ink and forced Facebook to back away from this decision for a while. However, now is the time. See you later May 15, you must accept the new WhatsApp privacy policies This will allow you to fully enjoy the chat app.

What if you don’t like it? So sooner or later, it will be Blocked in service. This result was announced in February, proving that it will stop offering certain features for a few weeks. Now, we realize that WhatsApp has finally receded, but not completely. If it is true that it will not be prevented soon, it is true that it will happen sooner or later.

As stated in it Frequently Asked Questions WhatsApp It was recently updated that with this policy update no one will have to delete their accounts or lose functionality on May 15th. According to WhatsApp, in the next few weeks, the announcement of new privacy policies will seldom appear, and as time goes on it will continue to do more and more.

What happens when you start receiving continuous notification?

According to WhatsApp, the limits of the process will start until the new policies are adopted. That way, you’ll lose access to the chat list, but you can still respond to messages or calls in the notification area of ​​Android. In this situation after a few weeks, you will no longer receive calls and message notifications, and you will no longer receive messages and calls on your phone.

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In the early version, it no longer had access to features from day one, but now WhatsApp wants its users to have a little more time to think.

WhatsApp also states that the account will not be deleted and will be considered inactive, following the specific indications for this condition already provided on the website.

Therefore, WhatsApp does not give us much choice: accept the new privacy policies, or you will have to stop using the app. Only time will tell whether WhatsApp will win this “battle”.

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