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Awakening Baker's Cultural Life: Jörg Halter Exclusively on 'The Sun'

Awakening Baker’s Cultural Life: Jörg Halter Exclusively on ‘The Sun’


Awakening Baker’s Cultural Life: Jörg Halter Exclusively on ‘The Sun’

The playful poetry of a sharp-eyed contemporary critic

As a poet at La Forme Theater, as a rapper in Südpol: Kutti MC has always been a welcome guest in Lucerne. Meanwhile, the 40-year-old Bernese Jörg Halter gave up his pseudonym and also finished speaking. At the beginning of the year, Halter published his new poetry book, A Common Language. “As he writes for those who dislike poetry,” was the headline of our review. Daily life provides enough material to compile poems from, says Halter. His poetry is considered a creative social criticism even for those who rarely read poetry.

After Halter was a guest on Ebikon in Spring 2019 with his novel “The Awakening of the Twenty-first Century” at the invitation of the Kultursonne Association, this time he brings verses with him – about his role model Endo Anaconda, passion and detachment, narcissism and consumerism or just a blessing. The reading was designed by saxophonist Arthur Ulrich. (Reg)

NB: Saturday, May 29, 8 pm, Saal Sonne Restaurant, Ebikon; A limited number of places, it is recommended to book:,

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