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App Store Without WhatsApp?  Terms and conditions may violate guidelines

App Store Without WhatsApp? Terms and conditions may violate guidelines


App Store Without WhatsApp? Terms and conditions may violate guidelines

Will WhatsApp still be available on the App Store?

Photo: IMAGO / Rüdiger Wölk

25.05.2021 – 13:30

Is it possible that WhatsApp will not be available on the App Store soon? It’s possible that Messenger is violating Apple’s guidelines for WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions.

the new WhatsApp terms and conditions It must be approved by May 15, 2021. If you do not accept the updated terms of use, you initially only risk being able to use the messaging program to a limited extent (until it is deleted). Doing so might violate Apple’s instructions, which could lead to your WhatsApp application store He could no longer offer more of them in the future.

App Store Not With WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, announced a few months ago, have long caused an uproar: After that, it is clear that users who do not agree to the new terms of use should only be able to use the Messenger to a limited extent. This exactly could have consequences for the future of WhatsApp in the App Store.

AppleScoop DiscoverWhatsApp functional limitations can violate guidelines in the Apple App Store. This may block Messenger from the App Store. The company’s guidelines say:

“Apps should allow users to use what they paid for without having to perform additional tasks, such as posting to social media, uploading contacts, logging into the app for a certain number of times, etc. Applications should not ask users to rate the app or Write a review, watch videos, download other apps, click ads, activate tracking, or take similar actions in order to gain access to full functionality, content, use of the app, or access to monetary compensation or any other compensation. This also includes gift cards and voucher codes. ”

So it is not clear if WhatsApp is violating the guidelines

It’s not entirely clear whether the guidelines only apply to apps that are paid for, or to all of the apps you can download for free – like WhatsApp. Finally, the section indicates what users “paid” for.

So it is not entirely clear whether WhatsApp can still be served in the AppStore with the much discussed WhatsApp terms and conditions. So now you can at least find the app on the app store. However, the first functionality can no longer be used by anyone who has not yet agreed to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. This is why your account will eventually be deleted if you do not agree to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions.

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