September 20, 2021


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Automation Software: Microsoft Power Automatic Desktop is now free

Image: Microsoft

Automation software Microsoft Power Automatic Desktop The Power Automat series is now available to everyone for free, and allows users to register and automate multiple work steps under Windows 10 at the press of a button, without any programming knowledge.

Powerful automation tool free

The powerful Microsoft Power Automat desktop, which was previously a paid component of the Microsoft Flow program series, records all the work activities performed by the user during a task and then executes them automatically when a button is pressed using the macro.

Microsoft Power Automatic Desktop (Image: Microsoft)

In addition to mouse clicks, keystrokes, scripts, some components and program windows and key add-ons, automation software can also use these parameters to open and close programs by dragging and dropping processes and performing appropriate actions for them.

Plugins for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

Free plug-ins for Microsoft Edge based on Chromium and Google Chrome extend the range of functions for the browser.

In addition to simple linear processes, branches and loops can also be created and run automatically. Additionally, approvals between database queries and linked products can be automated in the background.

Requires a Microsoft account

Microsoft Power Automatic Desktop is now available Free download It only requires a valid Microsoft account to use it. Extensive Official instructions Makes users easy to get started and helps with the initial installation.

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