April 2, 2023


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Authenticator App Scam is growing rapidly. 3 Steps to Keep in Mind to Avoid Harm | Lifehacker Japan

Scammers have their eyes on a new category in mobile app stores.It isAuthenticator appHe is.

multiple sitesAvoid using SMS to receive login verification codesWhile calling for attention, scammersCreate a dummy authenticator applicationand target users (and their money).

I can’t help but feel indignant at the scheme that bad guys profit from the behavior of users who want to boost their digital security.

But with a few simple steps,You can protect yourself from these scam appsHe is.

Authenticator app scam

In late February, Mysk, a security blog run by iOS-related developers,I contacted on Twitter to be aware of this app scam

If you are looking for popular authentication apps like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator, you will find itSponsored ads appear at the top of the search resultswill be but,Scammers buy this sponsored ad spaceSometimes, the apps that appear at the top of the search results areIt might actually be fakethere

If you download these scam apps, you will most likely end up with “Pay $40 per month to get a login code(Needless to say, if you’re a native app, you shouldThere is no money)。

Both Apple and Google have taken steps to remove some of these fake apps as a precaution. But scammers always change hands,Listing these fake authenticator apps in app stores with different identitiesThis is the current situation.

They are usually fake appsShared key codeIt uses names like “Authenticator” to make it look authentic. There is clearly little room for creativity in the world of scammers.

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What to do to avoid fake authenticator apps

Users can take a few steps to avoid the traps set by these scammers.It’s easy to avoidCan.

1. Check the developer first at the top of the search results

When searching the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android smartphones,top search resultsJust because it appears inDo not trust this app

Even if the app listed looks decent,Click on the developer’s nameAnd find out if it’s real.

For example, for Google Authenticator, “Google LLC” is shown as the developer.

2. Do a search and choose the trusted apps

Search onlineSelect the download page for your preferred authentication application.

Google or Microsoft have prepared their own authentication appsOfficial download pageFrom there, you will be redirected to the smartphone you are usingconvenient applicationIt must be installed.

The most effective way to protect against these fraudulent apps is:Popular choiceAvoid lesser known apps.

However, if you have accidentally installed a questionable authenticator app,Delete the app the moment you are asked to pay the usage feeplease.

Popular authentication apps are freeOr at least have a free versiona job.

3. Choose two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication functionBy using the authenticator app that comes with built-in, you can avoid scammers trying to trick you into making money.

1 password“or”bitwarden]or genuine from AppleiCloud KeychainYou may want to try a service like

In addition to password management, it offers all three services I just mentionedSupports authorization codea job.

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For most people, a solution that integrates these security-related servicesThe best choiceIt should be more often.

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