August 15, 2022


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[Windows 10]Causes and Solutions When You Can't Shut Down!  - OTONA LIFE

[Windows 10]Causes and Solutions When You Can’t Shut Down! – OTONA LIFE

What makes Windows 10 never expire or shut down? In this article, we will explain in detail the reasons why Windows 10 cannot shutdown and how to deal with it depending on the situation, such as when an error message appears.

[Windows 10]Possible causes when you can’t turn off

If Windows 10 cannot shutdown, the possible causes are:

● Malfunction of the peripheral equipment
● Compatibility with PC and peripherals
● Other software interferes with Windows Update
● Impact of security software
computer virus infection
Hard disk problem
● Electricity accumulated inside the computer

The reason why it is not possible to turn off the computer is due not only to the computer itself, but also to the peripheral devices. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons and how you can fix Windows 10 won’t shutdown on your own.

[Windows 10]What to do when you can’t turn off[عند ظهور رسالة خطأ]

When Windows 10 fails to shutdown, you may receive the error message “This app is preventing shutdown.” Here are 3 ways to deal with the error message:

[الحل 1]Disconnect the network

Even if you get an error message saying “This app is preventing shutdown”, sometimes it is not the app that is blocking it, but the network. Disconnect the computer from the network, then try shutting down again.

If you are using a wired connection, disconnect the LAN cable from the computer. If you are using a wireless connection, disconnect from the taskbar notification area.

Click the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar notification area. When you click on Wi-Fi displayed in the Windows 10 Notification, the network is disconnected

[الحل 2]Save the application you are working on

Windows 10 may not be able to shutdown due to unsaved work done by running applications. If you are editing documents, image processing, video processing, etc. with an application, save your work and then close it.

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[الحل 3]Quit the application

Shutdown may be prevented by running some applications. If you can’t shutdown, try closing all running apps before shutting down. If an app is causing the “This app is preventing closing” error message, quitting all apps will allow you to close.

[Windows 10]What to do when you can’t turn off[إذا لم ينته حتى بعد الإغلاق]

I’ve done a process to shutdown Windows 10 and it’s in the process of shutting down, but it doesn’t finish. Here are four things to do if the shutdown never ends.

[الحل 1]Run Windows Update

An error in Windows Update could cause the shutdown process to never finish. In this case, the program that fixes the error will be distributed immediately.

Running Windows Update and installing the hotfix should fix the shutdown issue.

[الحل 1]Run Windows Update

Run Windows Update

[الحل 2]Check the hard disk for errors

Shutdown may not be possible due to an error in the hard disk or SSD of the storage media installed in the computer. If the hard drive or SSD is the cause, there is a chance that it will return to normal by performing a bug check and fix.

Here’s how to check hard disks and SSDs for errors. This time, we will be running a bug check on the C drive where Windows 10 is stored. The same procedure can be used to check for errors on other drives.

[الحل 2]Check hard disk for errors 1

In Windows 10 Explorer, right-click on “Windows (C :)” under This PC and click on Properties

[الحل 2]Check the hard disk for errors 2

Open the Tools tab and click Check.

If the drive is checked and errors are found, a message will appear on the screen and a restart will be required. Follow the on-screen instructions to fix the error.

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[الحل 3]Remove all connected peripherals

If you can’t turn off Windows 10, it could be caused by the peripheral devices connected to your PC. Shutdown may not complete due to unexpected hardware such as external hard drive, mouse, and keyboard.

If you think the terminal is the cause, try removing all terminals at once and shutting them down. If the cause is a peripheral device, identify the device that is the cause and replace it with a device that supports Windows 10, or update the driver.

[الحل 4]Force shutdown the computer

If the above three solutions didn’t solve the shutdown not ending issue, try shutting down the computer forcefully. You can force shutdown your computer by pressing and holding the power button on your computer.

If pressing and holding the power button doesn’t turn it off, unplug it, and if it’s a laptop, remove the battery to cut off the power completely.

Forced shutdown by long-pressing the power button or turning off the power supply places a heavy load on the computer. Also, you will lose unsaved data, so this is your last resort if you can’t turn it off.