March 3, 2024


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ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset 2nd Generation for Xbox Series

ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset 2nd Generation for Xbox Series

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Discover the freedom and comfort of a wireless gaming headset

The world of gaming has evolved rapidly in recent years, and with it the technology that supports it. Wireless gaming headsets provide you with greater mobility, comfort and an enhanced gaming experience. With a wireless range of up to 15 metres, you have the freedom to move around during your gaming sessions while enjoying excellent sound quality. The main feature of this headset is the signal transmission at 2.4GHz frequency, which ensures a stable and interference-free connection.

Cross-platform connectivity for limitless gaming

The future of gaming is connected, and cross-platform connectivity is one of the key factors that makes this possible. Our new USB transmitter facilitates communication between console and PC, creating a seamless gaming experience. The console's USB transmitters, sold separately, also enable cross-console compatibility so you can use the same headset across all your devices.

Over 15 hours of battery life for long gaming sessions

For extended gaming races, long battery life is absolutely essential. With over 15 hours of battery life, you don't have to worry about sudden interruptions and can fully focus on your games. Charging the headphone is easy thanks to the included USB-C to USB-A cable.

Perfect communication thanks to the microphone with mute switch

In online multiplayer gaming, clear and accurate communication is essential to success. The directional microphone with easy-to-use mute allows you to easily control your audio experience and provide crystal-clear communication with your fellow players, even in heated battles.

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Customizable EQ profiles and game chat balance

To get the best possible audio experience from your headphones, you can choose from three equalizer profiles. Each profile offers different settings so you can always find the optimal audio configuration for each game. Additionally, these headphones have a built-in game chat equalizer, so you can easily set the perfect audio balance between voice chat and game audio on Xbox or PC.

So explore the new era of gaming headsets and enjoy all the benefits that wireless freedom and cross-platform compatibility offer. It's time to revolutionize your gaming experience!

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