May 19, 2022


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Wow Shadowlands: Patch 9.2 Content – End of Eternity Edition

Starting today, there are tons of new things to do in WoW Shadowlands! Patch 9.2 End of Eternity is here. Source: Blizzard

The warden escapes from his prison and Anduin comes under his control. This is the premise under which the latest World of Warcraft Shadowlands content patch will be released on Wednesday February 23, 2022. This is called “The End of Eternity” and as the name suggests, it brings with it some new content and features.

So that you know exactly what you need to do in WoW starting today, we have summarized the new features in this article for you. The portal of Zereth Mortis, the mysterious home of the ancestors of the Shadowlands, has been opened, and the heroes of Azeroth will soon face the warden. End of Eternity marks the epic conclusion to the Shadowlands story and brings with it some new features, according to the related press release.

So before we head into the next WoW expansion, which hasn’t been officially announced yet, we’ll be getting another great finish in Shadowlands.

Quick overview of all Patch 9.2 . content

  • New Raid: Tomb of the First – Players make their way to the dungeon master in the shrine, and face his most powerful helpers while working to save the Alliance King Anduin.
  • New area: Zerith Mortis – Players can explore the ancestral lands from their base, The Sanctuary, a new hub for daily quests. There are also new denizens to ally themselves with, such as the Automa Mech and The Enlightened, a faction of former Centenarians.
  • New Advance Feature: First Encrypt – Players team up with Automa’s mysterious companion to solve a problem Forgotten language of ancestors Dive deeper into the mysteries of Zereth Mortis, unlocking many activities, daily quests, events and rewards in the new area.
  • Return of class groups – Items from the new Progenitor class armor set can be obtained from various activities, such as raid boss drops, Mythic Keystone dungeons, and PvP. They award 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses for each specialty in the class.
  • and more – Players can look forward to a variety of updates and improvements to different features and systems, including class balance, occupations, and Torghast. In addition, a lot of mounts and new pets can be collected.
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All new features in detail

Patch 9.2 “End of Eternity” heralds the final chapter of the Shadowlands saga in World of Warcraft, before moving on to the new expansion. This also means that the announcement should not be long in coming. But before that, let’s take a look at the content available today and the upcoming third season of Shadowlands.

As part of the End of Eternity, you can enter the mighty world of Zereth Mortis directly for the first time. Mysterious and secret things await you there, like the massive afterlife formation built by the early ones. It is in the center and is responsible for creating shadow lands. The guardians of this place go by the name “Automa”. In order to find your way in the new area, your personal companion will be assigned the name “Pocopoc”. With him you will learn how to use the new progression system, first zeros. You learn the new language to unravel the mysteries of Zerith Mortis. As you progress, you can unlock more and more quests, events, pets, pregnant women, and daily achievements.

Of course, completing the new area also includes exploring, collecting hidden loot, and completing the story. If you have done all this, you will get an achievement that will allow you to fly in the new area. In addition, as you progress, you gain access to another legendary item – the unit belt, which can use the effect of your covenant rune and scales with changing covenants. Specifically, to unlock the legendary belt in WoW, you must complete Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign.

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Completing the campaign and gaining a respected reputation with the Enlightened Faction grants access to the unit’s memory. This feature allows you to use the Runecarving effect in another slot of your gear, or alternatively, instantly grant another character a legendary item.

In the weeks following the launch of End of Eternity, the new raid, Shrine of the First, featuring a total of 11 bosses, will also begin. There you meet a warden who wants to reshape reality and defies the laws of physics. Of course, Anduin also plays a central role there.

Speaking of raids: With Patch 9.2, the T-groups that you missed so much in World of Warcraft are finally back. Depending on your class and skill, the Progenitor Set gives you additional rewards by simply creating two or four parts. Ah, that brings back memories. Of course, there are five set parts in total: helmet, shoulders, chest protection, gloves and leg protection. By the way, you can get the new T-Set not only in the new raid, but also through activities in the large treasury and in other places.

The upcoming third season has already been mentioned at the beginning. Patch 9.2 also contains new content for PvP fans. For a long time now, a completely new arena has found its way into the game – the Maldraxxus Coliseum. New mounts, Vicious Warstalker, Vicious Warsquaker, and Cosmic Gladiator’s Soul Eater are available for successful players in the Arena. Those who prefer to be alone in Torghast can look forward to four entirely new levels there. In addition, Torghast will get a brand new game mode called Dungeon Master Gauntlet, which will require you to defeat a series of bosses in exchange for unique rewards.

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Anyone who counts Mythic+ states among their favorite WoW activities will also get something on offer. Mythic+ is also slated to receive several updates as part of Eternity’s End, including a new cipher sequel and a new Losswarped Deathwalker mount. To get this, you must complete Key Master: Season Three Achievement.

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