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Art development has stopped

Art development has stopped

In fact it was Artifact, The Tota2 Card game, failed shortly after release. Now the valve closes the good coffin.

This is not a good year for video games starting with A: After EA has already dropped the restart of the anthem, the valve now blows Artifact Piece. The Tota 2 card game is no longer developed. The team did one on Thursday Blog post Explains why growth stops.

That the game already exists Initially there were problems, Knew about the team: “Despite good initial sales, the number of our players is declining very quickly.” That’s why they’ve been working on redesigning the game for a year and a half. An even smaller number of players have decided not to finish creating version 2.0 of the card game.

Nevertheless, the game does not completely disappear from the scene:

“Two versions of Artifact still have players, and we know they are valuable to the community. For this reason we open both games available for free to everyone. “

Final versions of Artifact Classic and Artifact 2.0 Beta (renamed Artifact Foundry) launched on Thursday Available. The team agrees that the foundry is technically unfinished. The only thing missing is the fine-tuning and graphic design – the main game concept is ready.

“That means we are free”

The biggest change in both versions: the artwork is completely free. All cards are available or open. Collector’s versions of the cards will be given to anyone who invests money in the game. The group emphasizes: “When we say free, we mean free.” The community can continue to trade cards with each other, but the normal market will disappear. Finally, thanks to the community – the team is proud of the work they have done over the past few years with the help of players ’feedback. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Anyway, the announcement of the free version sparked some players’ interest: Friday, the classic version of the game is over 1100 soldiers – The day before was about 30 years old. Does this stimulus breathe a second life into the artwork?

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