June 14, 2024


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Disgaea 6 release date announced

Discoya 6: NIS America Announces Official Release Date of Defines of Destiny. The long-awaited next Disco adventure will be released on June 29, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. The four characters of the pioneers will be part of the release version with their story as bonus content: Adele, Rosalyn, Girl Laharl and Asaki.

Discoya 6: At the center of the Defiance of Destiny, an arrogant zombie, along with his sister Pico, tops the Netherlands rankings. Danger is inevitable when the God of Destruction threatens his (UN) life. Jet must gather all his strength – his unique ability, super reborn, the only way to face the threat. Along the way he connects himself with the twisted and colorful people of the Netherlands, faces many challenges, and soon finds out whether even an immortal rogue like him can break the rule.

Disco 6: Destiny’s Resistance combines a dark adventure with a compassionate story and incredibly tactical battles that include completely new gameplay elements that have never been included in any title in the Disco series before. Thanks to the new features, newcomers will quickly get around the Netherlands, and even old disco-hands will have a truly remarkable and unique journey ahead of them. Special attacks and many associated units and auto, retry and re-activation provide the perfect challenge for hardcore and casual players – the game can be easily modified. Contrary to expectations, if things do not go as planned, the jet super reincarnation may rejoin the fight – until he is a little more successful: every player is guaranteed a terrific Netherlands experience!

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  • From Grave to Glory: Help Seth improve his position and challenge the God of Destruction. Meet the crazy characters, explore the chaotic world and discover the strength and determination that exists in family relationships.
  • Indestructible and unstoppable: Enjoy incredible special attacks and tactical battles with a variety of related characters to choose from. When things get too hairy, super reincarnation is a great way to deal with things again.
  • A Netherlands for everyone: Play at home, on the go or anywhere! Adjustable game features like auto, retry and restart allow new and old players to customize their adventure as they wish. Getting started with Disco has never been easier!

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