June 23, 2024


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“Arakawa Zombie Diary” has decided to hold an unofficial gaming tournament “Arazon Fest 2024”!  Popular comedians and VTubers compete for great prizes!  |.  Press release from ClaN Entertainment Co., Ltd.

“Arakawa Zombie Diary” has decided to hold an unofficial gaming tournament “Arazon Fest 2024”! Popular comedians and VTubers compete for great prizes! |. Press release from ClaN Entertainment Co., Ltd.

ClaN Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Motoyuki Oi, hereinafter referred to as ClaN) is a subsidiary of Wavemaster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Takashi Shirai, hereinafter referred to as Wavemaster) will announce the holding of the Grand Thanksgiving Summer Festival “Arazon Fest 2024” in “Arakawa Zombie Diary”.

“Arazon Fest 2024” is an exhibition gaming tournament, and is scheduled to be held for three consecutive weeks starting June 21 (Friday), so please look forward to heated battles between festival participants!

“Arazon Fest 2024” is a casual gaming tournament mainly attended by comedians and VTubers.

Participants who don't normally interact will bring “Arazon Fest 2024” to life through games, so please tune in!

The game titles that will be treated to this festival are “STREET FIGHTER 6”, “Apex Legends” and “SUPER MONKEY BALL BANANA RUMBLE”.

Please note that “Arazon Fest 2024” is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts.

“Arazon Festival 2024” overview.

【Date of Event】

・Week 1: June 21 (Friday) at 20:00 ~ 8 members are scheduled to participate in the singles match “STREET FIGHTER 6”!

・Week 2: June 28 (Friday) at 20:00 ~ “Apex Legends” A total of 60 members are scheduled to participate!

・Week 3: July 3 (Wednesday) at 20:00 ~ “SUPER MONKEY BALL BANANA RUMBLE” A total of 16 members are scheduled to participate!

[كيفية المشاهدة]

・”STREET FIGHTER 6″: The official YouTube channel of “Arakawa Zombie Diary” (Kamuy's perspective) and each participant's channel

・”Apex Legends”: “Arakawa Zombie Diary” official YouTube channel and each participant's channel

・”SUPER MONKEY BALL BANANA RUMBLE”: The official YouTube channel of “Arakawa Zombie Diary” (Simon's POV) and each participant's channel

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・”STREET FIGHTER 6″: Luxurious prizes will be presented to the winning team

・「Apex Legends」、「Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble」:

The classification will be based on the total points earned, and the winners will receive luxurious prizes.

For the latest information, see the official onehttps://twitter.com/arakawakescitai) Please check more.

Regarding the title of the game

“Street Fighter 6”

This is the latest installment in the “Street Fighter” series, which has a history of over 35 years, and is a new generation fighting game released about 7 years after its predecessor.

“STREET FIGHTER 6” not only offers the best battle experience in the competitive fighting genre, but also features the “World Tour” story mode that allows you to explore the world of “Street Fighter” and the new “Modern” control option for beginners. The game has become a beloved game by a wide range of users.

“Apex Legends”

It is a battle royale shooting game released by major computer game sales company Electronic Arts (EA) in 2019, and the total number of players currently exceeds nearly 100 million.

You control characters called Legends who have different abilities, and choose one winner from 20 groups (1 group of 3 people, total 60 people).

Several community tournaments are also held, including the official EA-sponsored “Apex Legends Global Series” tournament, which has a prize pool of over 300 million yen.

「Super Banana Ball Monkey」

This is a casual action game that both children and adults can enjoy, where you aim to achieve the goal by rolling a monkey into a ball within a set period of time.

Newly added are “Adventure Mode”, which appeared in the previous series, and “Battle Mode”, which allows up to 16 players to play against each other online.

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You can also enjoy a story with 200 new stages and new characters.

About “Wave Master Company Limited”

Headquarters Location: No. 1-1, Nishi-Shinagawa 1 Chomei, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033

Actor: Takashi Shirai, Acting Director and President

Establishment date: July 29, 1980

Capital: 10,000,000 yen

Official website:https://www.wave-master.com/


About “ClaN Entertainment Co., Ltd.”

“Entertainment that will change your life.”
ClN Entertainment Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company specializing in influencers including VTubers, with the tagline “Entertainment that Changes Lives.”

Headquarters Location: 〒105-7444 6-1 Higashi-Shimbashi 1-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Motoyuki Aoi, Representative Director and President
Creation date: April 1, 2022
Capital: 600 million yen (including surplus capital)
Official website:https://clan-entertainment.com/
Employment site:https://www.wantedly.com/companies/company_7437105

■ Inquiries related to this matter
Company Name: ClaN Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Responsible: Business Administration Public Relations Department
Email: [email protected]