February 1, 2023


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WhatsApp: This invention can store a huge amount of data

New WhatsApp feature: How to save a lot of smartphone memory in the future

In the current beta version for Android, the always well-known blog WABetaInfo features references to an amazing new feature Found: After many years of waiting for many users to determine the quality of uploading and sending popular messenger videos and photos in the future.

Users are given a total of three options: WhatsApp automatically selects the best compression algorithm for Auto, selects the best video and photo quality “for the best quality” and uses the lowest quality for the “Data Saver” if the user has Android -Settings enabled power saving mode.

If you do not want to overdo the data size when sending a clip or photo, the latter option is definitely helpful especially when using mobile data.

WhatsApp: When will the new feature come to your smartphone?

WhatsApp: All three of these options will be shown to users when sending media in the future.

Image: WABetaInfo

Before using this feature in the beta or standard version of WhatsApp, it will take some more time: the functionality is currently in development. It will take a few weeks for the new feature to land on WhatsApp’s Android beta. The iOS beta starts shortly after. The function will be released to all WhatsApp users only when both tests run smoothly.

For some time now, WhatsApp users have had the opportunity to add a timer to messages so that they disappear automatically after a certain period of time. Messenger developers now want to extend this feature to videos and images – but in a slightly different format. What do you need to know Find out here.

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