July 14, 2024


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“Aquamarine”: Tamagotchi meets Pokemon Go technology

“Aquamarine”: Tamagotchi meets Pokemon Go technology

In the new augmented reality game “Peridot,” players conjure up their pet on a mobile phone screen, which can dash through a real living room with the help of a camera — but not all users are excited about the implementation.

In 2006, in the courtyard of the elementary school, suddenly, one of his classmates was holding a small plastic egg with a screen in his hand. You can see a split object on the screen – the graphics are reminiscent of “Space Invaders”. Small buttons are used to navigate through a user interface that allows you to choose different ways to interact with the creature. It’s Tamagotchi: a Japanese invention in which you have to take care of a virtual pet. He needs food, drink, sleep and affection – and is even able to develop a personality of his own.

Classic inspire new app

The Japanese invention experienced a rebirth years later when the app “Pou” was launched in 2012, with which you can take care of a small live part. Now, with “Peridot”, a new version of the classic game has appeared, with which you can display such a virtual pet in the real world. This is done using a technology called augmented reality. This exists to extend the real world with 3D virtual objects. For example, you look through the camera of a mobile phone and suddenly you have an imaginary creature on the screen, which is lying on your couch.

The creature can now be swiped across the touch screen and interact with it. He can jump to the ground in front of you and get close to the player. But maybe he’s also hiding behind the couch. “Aquamarine” are the names of the neon four-legged friends that you can become masters of.

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Versatile and versatile

Each creature is generated randomly and completely unique. This is what makes “breeding” so interesting. You can pair your “Aquamarine” with another player and thus create a completely new one, which will consist of the characteristics of both producers. Until then you have to take care of this little bastard. You can pick dandelions from the grass and feed them, at the beach you can let them dig in the sand to find secret treasures, and Aquamarine can also interact with real people and pets.

Not understanding microtransactions

Aquamarine has been available since May 9th. The mobile game for iOS and Android is developed by niantic Develop what is already known for games like “Pokémon Go” and “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”. Modern Tamagotchi has an average rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 at about 10,000 stars Reviews in the Google Play Store. What is remarkable here is the amazing number of reviews that only gave the game one star.

Bad ratings relate to the payment model behind which developers hide content. Players can mate Aquamarine and breed a new pet – but the breeding site required for this costs €6. Raising your new Aquamarine is a big part of the pet sim, as there isn’t much to do once it’s fully grown.

By Max Bogelsack

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