September 24, 2021


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Apple Music e Billie Eilish

Apple Music & Billy Elish Space Promotes Audio Album – Magazine

For those who don’t fit into pop culture, find out who the recent American singer is Billy Elish Released the long-awaited second studio album “Happier than ever”, Which is available on Apple Music Space Audio.

Now, the service and the artist are jointly promoting both the new album and the technology based Dolby Atmos.

In the 90-second vertical video, Elish mixes songs “Aging” e “Goldwing” e “Happier than ever”, All from your new album.

As the music changes, Elise’s reflections begin to multiply in the mirrors around her – which Apple says is a metaphor for listening in spatial audio.

Elish also shared an extended (and horizontal) version of the video yesterday. Check it out below.

It may seem confusing to some that Apple refers to the new technology as Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio. For example, in the first video, the title refers to spatial audio, and in the video above it refers to Dolby Atmos.

We explain howHowever, the key to the Dolby Atmos effect “Around” Audio provided by Spaci – Still, releasing Apple’s feature will make things easier, won’t it?

Of Apple

Version 2.4 (1.9 MB)
needed iOS 10.0 Or higher

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