September 28, 2022


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Space travel from Mars and Popos to bring samples to Earth

Space travel from Mars and Popos to bring samples to Earth

“These missions will sometimes provide an opportunity to understand the various developmental processes of life on Mars and Earth,” Ryuki Hyoto and Tomohiro Usui from the Japanese space agency Jaxa wrote in an article published Thursday in the journal Science. The goal is to find traces of possible previous life on Mars. By 2029, a project by the Japanese Space Agency is expected to bring a sample from the surface of the Martian moon Phobos to Earth.

Phobos and Timos are two moons, the former being closest to Mars. It may contain rock objects thrown by asteroid impact on Mars. According to previous findings, researchers believe that phobos do not contain water, but that a combination of different rocks can give a sample amazing insights.

Other work has already begun. The NASA rover “perseverance” that landed on Mars in February is set to one day take a sample of the planet sent to Earth in collaboration with the European space agency ESA – when and how much is still planned. However, Rover’s first attempt at drilling recently failed, More planned.

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