September 24, 2021


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WhatsApp transferir mensagens Android iOS

WhatsApp lets you change news history between iOS and Android

WhatsApp is trying to bring news and improvements to your news service. Together, they have made Facebook’s proposal even more attractive to users, making it more accessible from the service.

The most recent was announced during the Samsung event, and opens the door for anyone to change their phone and their operating system. We talked about the possibility of changing WhatsApp news history between iOS and Android.

Despite an efficient backup system, WhatsApp has always been limited when it comes to adverse migration between mobile operating systems. This is a process on Android, which is simple, but not for iOS.

Thus, innovation was provided Galaxy Unlocked There will be a lot of change in this service. It has been revealed that any iOS user will soon be able to switch to Android and take WhatsApp messages with them.

Although dedicated to 2 supported mobile systems, this WhatsApp message will first reach Android and Samsung smartphones. These smartphones run Android 10 or later.

This migration route only requires a USB-C cable and lightning to connect between Android and iOS. Then, without using the Internet, the data will be transferred between the devices as users expect.

WhatsApp Transfer Messages Android iOS

As WhatsApp has revealed, implementing this feature is not easy. As the messages are encrypted from end to end and stored on the smartphone, the relocation requires additional work from WhatsApp, operating system developers and manufacturers. It is necessary to ensure a joint effort to achieve relocation.

The innovation will come in the coming weeks and then be extended to other smartphones and other systems. There are no scheduled dates, but it is certain that soon everyone will be able to transfer WhatsApp message history between iOS and Android.

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