June 14, 2024


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Antonio cites Cruzeiro and Palmeiras’ exclusion to praise Atletico: ‘There are no easy games’ | Atletico PR

Technical AtleticoAntonio Oliveira referred to Cruzeiro’s elimination and Palmeiras to defend a meager 1-0 win and lift the rankings to the Copa del Rey Round of 16. After a 1 to 1 on the road, Hurricane beat Avaí with a Vitinho goal 32 seconds into the first half.

– Our analysis cannot go from 8 to 80 or from 80 to 8 overnight. After the match against Juventus, we were Barcelona. In the match against Avaí, which is a knockout game, has other characteristics … Now, We’ve seen big teams like Cruzeiro and Palmeiras get eliminated from lower level teams. Therefore, we must first of all respect. Nowadays, there are no easy matches in football.

The teams prepare themselves, they have good coaches, they have good players, they have a minimum of organization, and they try above all to analyze and explore the spaces left by the opponent. This is the plan for every game and We have to respect the opponent because we don’t play against puppets. We play against teams that prepare the same way we face in a match. And in 13 games, we have already 11 wins. This is the advantage of the players.

Muppets are string puppets that are manipulated by a person who is usually hiding behind the stage.

– We scored a goal at the start of the game and no one brought the team back. Now, we have to realize that guys have feelings too. It’s a knockout game, not a game where we can risk in the end and then tie or lose. We have very clear goals in every competition, and our goal is to be in every decision. To be in all the decisions, today we had to pass them.

The round of 16 is scheduled to take place in the weeks of July 28 and August 4. Matches will be decided by lottery.

Antonio has 11 wins, a draw and one defeat against the main Atlético Madrid – Photo: Matheus Sebenello / Neo Photo

Atlético, now, resumes interest in the Brazilian club. The club faces Grêmio de Tiago Nunes on Sunday, 4pm, at the Arena do Grêmio. ge screens in real time, and the RPC (Rede Paranaense de Comunicação) broadcasts to the state of Paraná.

Atletico next matches

  • Syndicate x Sports: 06/13, Sunday, 4 p.m. – Arena do Grêmio
  • Athletic x Parana: 06/16, Wednesday, 3:20 p.m. – Baixada (Paranians)
  • Athletic vs Athletic Joe: 06/20, Sunday, 6:15 PM – Download
  • Bahia x Atletico: 23/6, Wednesday, 9:30 pm – Petwasu
  • Atletico x Chapecoense: 6/27, Sunday, 6:15 PM – Low
  • Fluminense x Athletic: 06/30, Wednesday, 8:30 PM – Maracana
  • Atletico x Fortaleza: 07/3, Saturday, 7 p.m. – Download
  • Santos x Atletico: 07/07, Wed, 19:00 – Villa Belmero

The match against Flamengo, which was to be played on June 16 or 17, had to be postponed because players from FC Rio were invited to the teams. No new date has been set yet.