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Android “Health Connect” update delivery v2023.11.30.00.release – Jetstream Blog

Android “Health Connect” update delivery v2023.11.30.00.release – Jetstream Blog

  • On Monday, December 11, 2023, app version update v2023.11.30.00.release will be distributed to the Health Connect by Android app for Android.
  • The update content is a minor update that includes minor bug fixes etc.
  • “Health Connect” is a new API for the health management platform that allows data synchronization between compatible health management applications and fitness devices.

App version update v2023.11.30.00.release will be distributed on December 11, 2023 (Monday) for the custom app “Health Connect” for the new official “Health Connect” API for Google Health Management for Android.

The contents of the “Health Connect” app version update v2023.11.30.00 have not been specifically revealed. It remains a beta release and is expected to be a minor update with minor bug fixes.

Health Connection
“Health Connect” app v2023.11.30.00.release

“health communication”

The Health Connect app is divided into 50 categories into 6 categories, including health management apps like Google Fit and fitness apps like Strava installed on Android devices, and fitness devices that work with these apps This is an API for mutual synchronization For the health and fitness management data mentioned above.

So far, on Android, Google’s health management service “Google Fit”Compatible applicationsThe specification was to aggregate health and fitness management data acquired by Google and services into “Google Fit”, but by mutually synchronizing health and fitness management data, users’ health can be managed in the “Health Connect” ecosystem. It will look like this.

Health Connection
“Health Connect” compatible app.

Google is currently transitioning from the “Google Fit” to “Health Connect” sync specifications. The actual sync settings for the Health Connect app can be checked and turned on by opening the Health Connect app from Android quick settings.

By the way, “Health Connect” data is synchronized offline on Android, so protecting user privacy is of course taken into account. The types of data to be synced can also be turned on/off in detail, allowing you to select only the data you want to sync.

Health Communication via Android
[أذونات التطبيق]→[التطبيقات المسموح لها بالوصول]

In addition, Google Japan has officially announced the launch of Health Connect in Japan.

Health Connect Update History – Jetstream Blog

The “Health Connect” app for Android will be launched on Monday, December 11, 2023.

Link to the “Health Connect” application.

Get it from the Google Play Store

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