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An attempt to derive the fastest “character, vehicle, glider, tire set” in Mario Kart using Pareto's law, the optimal solution seems to vary depending on the playing style – GIGAZINE

An attempt to derive the fastest “character, vehicle, glider, tire set” in Mario Kart using Pareto's law, the optimal solution seems to vary depending on the playing style – GIGAZINE

In Mario Kart, a classic racing game, there are various techniques such as rocket launch and drifting that are arguably necessary to advance the race to an advantage, but the latest game in the series, 'Mario Kart'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe“, you need to select a character, kart, glider and tires, so the combination of these elements is also a very important element. Fastest combination in Mario Kart 8 DeluxePareto principleAttempts are being made to extract this.

Mario meets Barreto

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe contains 42 characters (Mii+), over 41 types of karts (including bikes and ATVs), 15 types of gliders, and 22 types of tires, each with its own speed, acceleration, weight, and ease of crouching. It has individual condition such as safety, skid resistance and micro turbo. So, there appear to be 703,560 combinations that players can choose from.

However, depending on the part, there are cases where the possession condition is exactly the same even though the appearance is different. Even with that in mind, there are thousands of combinations that players can choose from, so choosing a character, kart, glider, and tires is still very difficult for players.

Therefore, economistsVilfredo BarretoAntoine Milowitz, an economist and data scientist, attempts to extract the fastest combination in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe using his “Pareto Principle.”

Milewitz's first task was to find the “fastest character.” In terms of speed alone, Bowser and Wario are the best options.

However, Mario Kart characters not only have speed, but also acceleration, weight, ease of bending, skid resistance, and mini-turbo status. For example, if you plotted the acceleration (vertical axis) and velocity (horizontal axis) for each letter, it would be as follows.

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Comparison of figures by weight (vertical axis) and small turbo (horizontal axis) is as follows.

Basically, characters with high speed are heavier and have weaker acceleration and a small turbo, so there is a trade-off between their stats.

However, for example, Nokonoko's acceleration is weaker than that of Kinobiko, which has the same speed performance, and its speed performance is lower than that of Neko Beach, which has the same acceleration performance. In other words, if you want to win, you shouldn't choose Nokonoko.

Taking into account speed and acceleration performance as the base, there are nine characters whose performance is not inferior to other characters: Kenobiku, Nekubitch, Tanuki Mario, Peach, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Bowser.

If you focus on two cases as shown below, you can extract the most efficient option.

If you choose to focus on speed (horizontal axis) and acceleration (vertical axis), the most effective character is Neko Peach.

The four most effective karts are Standard Bike, Kuma Ride, Super Comet, and Neko Classical.

The most effective glider is the balloon.

The most effective tires are regular tires and GLA wheels.

If you choose to focus on mini-turbo (horizontal axis) and handling (vertical axis), the most effective character is Baby Peach.

The most effective stroller is Patatenten.

The most effective gliders are peat parachutes and cloud balloons.

The most effective tires are rotary tires.

However, since there are multiple statistics in Mario Kart, it can be very difficult to decide which option is best. For users who have played Mario Kart to some extent, the most important stat after speed and acceleration is “Mini Turbo”, a stat that indicates the amount of speed boost it provides after drifting.

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The most efficient option was therefore derived by taking into account the three modes of speed, acceleration and micro-turbo using the Pareto principle, but even in this case there are multiple options. These options make trade-offs such as increased speed at the expense of decreased acceleration, making it difficult to determine which configuration is best.

Looking at the designs used by the best Mario Kart players, the chosen character is Peach, the kart is a bear ride, the tires are spinning tires, and the glider is a balloon. This configuration is also one of the optimal solutions derived from Pareto's law.

“Pareto's law is an objective criterion for eliminating suboptimal options, and you must make the final decision yourself,” Melowitz said, taking into account each player's playing style and skills, and it is necessary to choose the best option while considering what to do. focus on.

In addition, there is a tool that derives the optimal build that takes into account the three components of speed (red), acceleration (blue), and micro-turbo (green).Bottom linkBy setting the mood you appreciate using the slide bar, you can present the design that is right for you.

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