March 3, 2024


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All-weather technology aims to ensure a secure seal

All-weather technology aims to ensure a secure seal

By selecting a very flexible and ultra-thin material as well as the appropriate rheology of the adhesive, Teroson Bautechnik products guarantee perfect fixation even at low temperatures and humidity.

Photo: Tyrosun

According to its own statement, Teroson Bautechnik offers an all-weather technology that can also be used in temperatures down to -5°C. The range has recently been expanded to include the new TEROSON FO 2 SK1 and SK2 facade films.

“The most obvious challenges when closing windows and facades in winter are the temperature itself and humidity,” says Alexander Bauer, Technical Director at Teroson Bautechnik. He emphasizes: “In general, in very cold conditions, in terms of construction physics, many products become more rigid and therefore less flexible. They then become more difficult to use and may not adhere properly. However, Henkel was able to achieve this by choosing flexible Extremely and… “Using an extremely thin material and tailoring the rheology of the adhesive to develop sealants that can be installed excellently even at low temperatures.”

Large wallet

According to its own information, Henkel subsidiary Teroson Bautechnik has a wide range of sealing films, foams and sealants for window and facade sealing, which have been tested by ift Rosenheim for use at low ambient temperatures. “And all this without causing any losses in the upper temperature range,” Alexander Bauer adds. “Moisture is unavoidable on substrates and in areas with low temperatures. We have the right primers and adhesives for this and can guarantee trade closure even under critical conditions.”

The all-weather Teroson Bautechnik range has recently been supplemented with self-adhesive and vapor-permeable façade membranes TEROSON FO 2 SK1 and SK2, equipped with Henkel’s hybrid PSA technology. According to the company, like other products in the range, this ensures good wet adhesion, meaning no time-consuming prep work is required to remove moisture and condensates. “This is a big advantage, especially in the cold season,” Alexander Bauer points out.

No matter the season

“There are different requirements for the window seal itself: on the one hand, it must ensure functional protection, that is, protection from weather, heat and moisture. On the other hand, it must have fire and soundproof properties and be environmentally friendly. In order for all this to be fully effective, “Window manufacturers work flawlessly – this is especially challenging at low temperatures,” Alexander Bauer summarizes. “With Teroson Bautechnik’s all-weather technology, window manufacturers can count on receiving products that can handle well regardless of the season. “

Choosing the right products and adhering to proven procedures is ultimately crucial in order to meet all these requirements and at the same time ensure that assembly work on the facades and building envelope can be carried out successfully even in cold weather.

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