November 30, 2021


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Give the gift of tech history with Grid Studio Grid 1 – Marseille News

The smartphone has come a long way in the past 15 years. The roots of the smartphone go back long before the first iPhone appeared, but the original iPhone represented the concept of the smartphone reaching mainstream consciousness. Grid Studio Grid 1 celebrates this story in a beautifully designed and deconstructed setting that would look great in any home.

Grid Studio has been building a homage to classic technology for quite some time now. Perhaps the coolest is the Grid 1, which details the design of the original iPhone. It’s amazing to watch, especially if you’ve been using mobile technology for some time.

Grid Studio Grid Design 1

Grid Studio Grid 1 integrates seamlessly with Apple’s design language. The Grid 1 features a beautiful black frame on a white background, featuring not only the parts included with the iPhone, but the stickers and measurements as well. This makes it easy to see how everything fits into the body of the device.

Grid Studio Grid 1 Details Image source: Christian from Looper for.

It’s all there. Obviously, there is the main body, in addition to the main board, the headphone jack (RIP), the camera module, etc. Take a look at the iPhone in your pocket, and it’s easy to see how far things have gone. The camera unit, for example, is much larger than it was at the time. There is no longer a headphone jack, and the charger connector is now completely different, thanks to the fact that it is now a Lightning connector. And gone is the humble Home button, which didn’t support Touch ID at the time.

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In general, the original iPhone is clearly an iPhone. The device features the classic glossy Apple logo and brushed black metallic exterior. It’s a long-overlooked look, but still easy to recognize.

Grid Studio Grid 1 أسعار Pricing and Availability

Grid Studio Grid 1 is available and not available on the Grid Studio website. When in stock, they cost between $399 and $599. It seems reasonable. Grid Studio needs to get hold of these iPhones, which at this point are rare and valuable. If you’d like to get Grid 1 for yourself, we recommend going to the Grid Studio website and hitting the “Notify when available” button, if it isn’t already available.

Of course, while you’re at it, it’s worth checking out other Grid Studio offerings. The company offers extended views of the original Game Boy, Apple Watch, many other iPhone models, Android phones, and more. Whatever bit of technology you love, Grid Studio should have something for you.


The Grid Studio Grid 1 is a great gift for the tech lover in your life, or for yourself if you’re into tech.