August 17, 2022


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Albert Luxus

Albert Loxos: “YinYin” – A Twisted Search for Meaning | reconsidering

The concept of yin and yang is well known in the West as well: two opposite but complementary parts. one black and the other white; One is messy and the other is structured; One cold, the other warm, and so on. But if the album instead “yinThis means that it suggests one thing above all else: imbalance. Interrogation and search then also in the new record center by Your Excellency Albert.

But on the opening track and main track, band leader Matthias Sanger says: “What you share/is what you have left.” Albert Loxos has made himself very comfortable in the Mystery Zone. The Cologne-based indie pop band last spoke with the album “Diebe”, which was released in 2018. Then there was calm for some time around the duo, with drummer Andreas Kiwit setting the tone, as well as the singer. Albert Luxus is back with singles like “Gott vs Tinder” or “Himalaya” and now “YinYin” is here.

Nature often plays a role in this, as the Himalayas prove. However, nature is a challenging place where you not only sit but want to climb higher and higher peaks.

For the sound of “YinYin,” Albert Luxus was inspired by bands like Deerhunter or Timber Timbre. For the first time on the album, the duo worked with a classic instrument of the 70s: the Solina String group had already opened up new worlds of sound for Pink Floyd and Air. On top of that, the recording sounds like the ’70s: warm chords, powerful bass, and a quirky atmosphere. This also works without vocals – for example in long instrumental syllables in the opening or in the closer “Earl Gray” without words.

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