April 23, 2024


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AGS technology from STIGA: mowing the lawn on autopilot

AGS technology from STIGA: mowing the lawn on autopilot

Imagine being able to mow your lawn without having to pass the rope and never having to lift a finger. Does this sound like science fiction? with the AGS technology by STIGA This vision becomes a reality. But what exactly is AGS technology and how can it help you revolutionize your lawn?

AGS stands foractive steering systemIt is an innovative technology used in STIGA’s stand-alone robotic lawn mowers, enabling them to mow your lawn intelligently. But how exactly does it work? And what makes this technology so special? Let’s dive into the world of advanced lawn care and discover the benefits that AGS technology can do for you. You and your garden.

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AGS technology and its advantages

AGS technology uses the strength of the satellite signal to enable the robotic lawn mower to intelligently plan the mowing process. Every area of ​​your lawn is reached at the right time, so that no lawn is left uncut and excessive mowing is avoided. The result? A beautiful, even lawn without any work being done.

but this is not all. the Stiga Autonomous Lawn Mowers Arrange your garden in a grid and map the satellite sky above. Each area is assigned a signal quality score that is constantly updated to follow the movements of the satellites. In this way, the robotic lawnmower can effectively decide where and when to mow.

In addition, AGS uses RTK GPS technology, which ensures an accuracy of 2 cm. In this way, the Stiga robotic lawn mower can operate with real autonomy and have a stable and reliable signal to mow your lawn efficiently and precisely.

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AGS technology is more than just a technological innovation. It’s a game-changer in gardening, allowing you to enjoy your free time while your Stiga robotic lawnmower does the work. And the best part? Your garden always looks perfectly manicured.

AGS technology is not just a more efficient and accurate way to mow your lawn. It’s also a convenient way to keep your garden in top condition while you sit back and relax. And with the added security of RTK GPS technology, you can rest assured that your robotic lawnmower always knows exactly where it is and what it’s doing.

In short, AGS technology has revolutionized lawn maintenance. It combines advanced technologies to deliver a service that far exceeds what conventional lawn mowers can provide. With STIGA AGS technology, you always have a perfectly manicured lawn with minimal effort.

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questions and answers

  1. What does AGS mean? AGS stands for Active Steering System, a patented technology used in STIGA’s standalone robotic lawn mowers.
  2. How does STIGA AGS technology work? AGS technology allows the robotic lawn mower to effectively map the lawn and determine where and when to mow based on signal strength from satellites and RTK GPS technology.
  3. What is the advantage of AGS technology? AGS technology enables your robotic lawnmower to mow the lawn efficiently and precisely, so that no area is left uncut and excessive mowing is avoided. This results in a more beautiful lawn.
  4. What is RTK GPS technology and how does it work with AGS? RTK GPS is a high precision GPS technology that ensures an accuracy of 2 cm. It works together with AGS technology to allow the robotic lawn mower to operate with true independence and to have a stable and secure signal.
  5. Do I have to manually control a STIGA robotic lawnmower if it uses AGS technology? No, AGS technology enables the robotic lawn mower to operate autonomously. It decides where and when to mow based on the strength of the satellite signal and RTK GPS technology.
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