May 20, 2024


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After the Fall: Neue zum VR-Koop-Shooter details

The VR co-op shooter will be launching after the fall this summer. Source: Koch Media, Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine), a division of the global Koch Media Group that specializes in producing and publishing high-quality VR products, has released a new video as part of its PS-VR Spotlight event that provides a look behind the scenes from the upcoming VR game after the fall. Post Fall, which is planned for Oculus Quest, PlayStation-VR, and PC-VR platforms, is a VR FPS game with an emphasis on an intense cooperative experience for four players. Players collaborate in cross-platform multiplayer and fight for survival in a hostile and frozen world.

After the fall trailer shows opponents and fights:

After the Fall – Überblick

After falling into the frozen remains of alternative Los Angeles in the 1980s, the use of experimental materials designed to make people more resilient in the face of the new Ice Age instead gives rise to ruthlessly mutated Snowbreeds. Twenty years later, humanity has been driven underground and its survival now depends on Harvest Runners – survivors brave enough to venture into the snowbird-infested wasteland to bring back vital supplies. Equipped with full VR motion control, players after the fall feel like the compelling action hero of the 80s: with realistic movements, devastating weapons are used in a way that will delight even the most experienced VR player.

The game specifically focuses on the intense co-op mode for four players. In it, players team up with fellow survivors on all major VR platforms to advance into a hostile territory and face huge hordes of snowmen. With the kinds of enemies particularly strong, you have to be careful: from gigantic monsters that can literally flatten you with the blow of a giant ice fist, to head-cutters that grab players by the necks and literally tear the ground away from under their feet. The missions play differently with each round and the battle against Snowbreeds is a true team effort where players have to work together to survive in a post-frozen and hostile world.

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After fall it will be available for Oculus Quest, PlayStation-VR, and PC-VR in summer 2021.

After autumn shots

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