send this tuesday nightingale Developer brain teasers Invitation to attend IGN Fanfest 2022. During the February 19 event, there will also be an interview with Inflexion Games CEO Aaryn Flynna and Art Director/Sound Neil Thompson. On call, the developer promises players who are interested in new and exciting insights into the new survival game.

So far, the game has only been roughly decided upon when it was revealed during the previous game’s awards. We’ve summed up more details in our announcement of the Great Nightingale. Now there should be more information about the game for the first time.

With the invitation, Inflexion Games also showcased another artistic concept. This presents a giant, the so-called Nightingale Hill Giant. These seem very unexpected, so the developers gave us a picture of the road: “The giants aren’t always very warm when they first appear.” In the photo you can see a giant and how he forgives a group of heroes. The concept of art also shows the truly enormous proportions of a giant in comparison to a human.

Nightingale Hill Giant:

Release the Nightingale?

The interview is interesting because it is also possible that we will get more details about Release Nightingale to get. Currently, the game may still be in a very early stage, so we’re now showing “only” concept graphics, but Inflexion Games has announced that there will be early access or at least a public Nightingale test target. An announcement that limits the release of Nightingale is not excluded. So let’s keep our fingers crossed! We will keep you updated.