June 18, 2024


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Giroud calms down the match on the Blues attack and responds to Ibrahimovic

During an interview with RMCOlivier Giroud talked about France’s chances of winning the Euro. Despite his unquestioned offensive power, the French striker prefers to remain humble and invite the media to do the same.

« We have to calm things down a bit. We should not get carried away too much. On paper, we have a very good squad, we have incredible offensive power. Behind us, too, we are solid. We have very complete players. Now, my experience will lead me to calm things down, and tell the little ones not to flare up. What is on paper is one thing, and what is on earth is another. A good workforce has never won competitions. What makes competitions win is talent, but also a great state of mind and this cohesive force.The Chelsea player stressed before responding to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s statements about him.

The Milan striker said he supported the arrival of the Blues striker to Lombardy. “I like his personality and his way of expressing himself and getting that frank even if at times a bit violent. It’s good, I consider it extra motivation. Today, talking about my future is out of the question, Milan is one of the options among other options. It’s always good.” Hear Zlatan say that kind of thing.”, he completed.