June 13, 2024


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After being expelled, Ravinia celebrates Grêmio’s Gauchão: “They’ve taken me out of the game, but not the title” | Syndicate

Ravinia celebrated Gauchau’s victory over Gremio after a 1-1 draw with Inter, Sunday, at the Arena. Tricolor won the match 2-1 and became champion on the overall scoreboard.

After the final whistle, Rafinha returned to the pitch to lead the tricolor party with instruments and vocals. He criticized the referee’s decision on the direct red card, in the 37th minute of the first half. The side and Yuri Alberto, of Inter, traded barbs on the field and started a confusion that lasted for five minutes.

I’m happy with the title but it’s the first time I’ve been fired in my career without doing anything. But that’s it, they wanted to get me out of the game, they did, but the title didn’t. Stay here. He is a hero! ”

Grêmio will return to the stadium on Thursday at 21.30, playing against La Equidad in the final round of the group stage in South America. The team is already qualified for the round of 16. The actors are re-introduced Monday, 3:30 PM, at CT Luiz Carvalho.

Ravinia, from Grêmio, discussing with Yuri Alberto, from Inter, in Gre-Nal of the Gauchão Final – Photo: Eduardo Deconto / ge.globo

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