July 20, 2024


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A trip to Breeze: Riot unveils a new VALORANT map

A trip to Breeze: Riot unveils a new VALORANT map

The following VALORANT map is called Breeze! Source: Riot Games

The teaser distributed by Riot Games a few days ago on VALORANT’s official social media channels was actually the first hint of VALORANT’s next map! The developer and publisher of this first-person shooter revealed this Friday afternoon.

The new VALORANT card is called Breeze and sends you to Caribbean holiday paradise – how poetic it is! But it will not be comfortable in battle. After all, unlike the previous “Icebox” card, you don’t have to wear thick clothes.

A trip to Breeze // Card Reveal – VALORANT

Detail breeze – this is the new map

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t get very warm at Breeze. Despite the summer feel, colorful design, and expansive nature you’ll encounter in Breeze, you have to be on your guard every second. Because the focus of the gameplay will be on wide, long, and undisturbed sightlines, which should especially satisfy the snipers among you.

Anyone who loves VALORANT Lore will also be able to discover some content on Breeze. Among other things, you will experience the history of the scattered locals in little detail, but of course with your battles, you will also create your own stories that will unfold in the new location.

Street art, fireworks, and mysterious buildings complete the picture. In addition to the long straight lines, there will also be narrow corridors and rectangular areas where you will find plenty of coverage element to hide or position yourself tactically.

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Starting tonight on Twitch

Speaking of which: You’ll get an insight on Friday evening from 7 p.m. When Selected Broadcast users can try the new VALORANT Map live on Twitch in their broadcasts: