June 23, 2024


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Nogent-le-Rotrou: Overgame, a geek’s paradise

Thomas Rahmane has been running Overgame for 10 years now. (© Republican Action)

The windows are full of old games and old consoles, there are countless characters, an old Sonic spinning on the TV and the sound that goes along with it … no doubt! This is Overgame, the store that specializes in Video game to me Nugent-le-Rotro (Eure-et-Loir). Thomas Rahman has been the manager for 10 years.

“I worked for Sega”

Before opening his store, the 40-year-old traveled the world. ChinaAnd the Brazil, Japan, the United States, “Work for me Sega And the rooms head in the clouds. I was also working to spot the fake software … ”

Traveling, continue to do regularly before the pandemic.

“I was planning to go to Florida, and I would go to Russia sometimes … to find toys, and come back with full bags. Once upon a time customs in Russia searched me for a dog and everything because I came back with hunting rifles.”

ThomasManager Overgame

Thomas is crazy about video games, he knows his products from the inside out. And there are a lot of them. “I’ve been in this for 18 years.”

The first part of the store offers a classic display with used toys, some statues, and cars.

The bottom of his work is chock full of old stuff, each one just crazier than the other. “I have consoles that haven’t sold very often and suddenly they are as rare as Jaguar or Nec. But I have them too Sega, Mastersystem, Super Nintendo With the fund and instructions, “notes Thomas.

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A game at a price of 400 euros

There is demand for these old consoles, and the dealer is still selling them.

“Sometimes I sell a cube TV with it because running these units on a new TV is like putting in a 2-hp V8,” he says.

And since “I have everything, they buy everything. It all goes back to fashion at some point. There are statues.” Grendizer Work well. “

Its main clients “are around forty years old. In fact, they want to buy back what they didn’t have when they were children, ”the seller analyzes. Thanks to confinement, Thomas Rahman saw former clients again.

“They had time to get back to playing. Some come from afar.” I had a US Police car club from Orleans, but also people from Nantes, Paris …

Hidden well behind tons of toys, he takes out a box. “This game is worth 400 euros. It’s a game Not Hisatorn de Hitachi. A console he keeps a valuable asset next to him in a cash register. “It would hurt my heart to sell it.”

New room with corner to play

But in “Boy Boy” he feels bad.

“I am looking for another room, but I would like to stay on rue de la Herce, it’s the Champs-Elysées in Nogent anyway.”


It is teeming with ideas for its local future. “I would like to create a play corner, where people can play on the site with the card tables and arcade stations. But also a model corner, which one can build on the spot.”

“Geek” restricts purchases for lack of space, while other products may cause misfortune.

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Thomas, the father of a 10-year-old girl, remained a mature child. “I don’t play much, I don’t have time. It’s as if a restaurant owner closed his establishment to quietly have lunch. My daughter starts playing, but she doesn’t want to play with me, I’m so old.”