May 20, 2024


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A touch of Stadia: Google is testing cloud gaming on YouTube

A touch of Stadia: Google is testing cloud gaming on YouTube

With Stadia, Google experienced a stunning failure: although groundbreaking work was done with the game streaming service, the majority of gamers didn’t take up the offer. Stadia has been history since last fall, but it could indirectly celebrate a small comeback.

Stadia was (too) early.

Google’s cloud gaming service launched in November 2019, but the company discontinued it after three years. The reason was simple: Stadia never achieved the success the Mountain View, California, company had hoped for. One explanation for this is that Google was too early, as experts are sure that game streaming will play a major role in the future – and this is also shown by the discussions around Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Stadia could celebrate a spinoff return soon. Because how 9to5Google According to reports, YouTube is currently testing a feature called Playables with a few users. This is basically a game stream that can be accessed via a desktop website as well as mobile.

Another “experiment”.

Initially, playables run on Feature Trials for YoutubeWhich means that this option is only available to a few users. “If you participate in this experiment, you will see a section of YouTube called Playables appear alongside other content in your home feed,” he wrote. Youtube.

The video streaming service continues: “We’re testing this with a limited number of users first. You can view and control your playable game history and game progress saved in your YouTube history.”

In terms of content, games are currently still a far cry from Stadia, as they have so far offered titles like Stack Bounce, that is, games that can be dedicated to casual gaming on mobile. It is not currently clear if playable games will reach Stadia proportions, one can even suspect it will. However, this experience shows that the issue of game streaming isn’t exactly history at Google.

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And you? Are you still reeling from the Google Stadia shock, or are you giving another cloud gaming service a fair chance? Let us know what you think in the comments below!