June 13, 2024


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One of the biggest companies in the world is facing a problem that every gamer knows – having to shut down for an entire day because of it

One of the biggest companies in the world is facing a problem that every gamer knows – having to shut down for an entire day because of it

Appliances and technology: The Japanese company Toyota was forced to close its factories for a full day. The reason behind this is lack of memory for new data.

Toyota is one of the world’s largest automakers and ranks itself among the world’s top 10 publicly traded companies. This puts the Japanese company (in terms of production figures) ahead of the German Volkswagen.

What exactly was the problem? In Japan, all Toyota assembly plants had to stop operations for a full day.

There is no more storage available on the servers. The company said in a statement (via asia.nikkei.com).

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Servers were full after maintenance

Why not continue production? The servers were used to process requests for spare parts. Since these factories were not operating properly due to space constraints, all Japanese factories had to be closed.

The problem was then solved by simply moving the data to a server with a larger capacity. And the company itself explained: that the problem appeared after the regular maintenance of the server.

But many gamers must be aware of the troubles of overflow memory. But at most, the installation of a new game is delayed rather than the production of thousands of vehicles.

Memory hunger just got bigger in games

Many gamers are familiar with the memory full issue. As many modern games are getting bigger and bigger and therefore require more and more free storage space:

However, storage space is one of the items that people like to save money on. Only later is a larger hard drive or SSD purchased later. Because expanding a gaming PC with more memory is often not a big effort. However, most gamers are not yet ready for the fact that games will continue to grow in size and scope in the future.

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After all: a new SSD or hard drive isn’t that expensive at least when compared to an expensive graphics card. Many games now require an SSD, which has various practical reasons. If you want to upgrade, get an SSD or M2.SSD right away, provided you have the appropriate slot on your motherboard.

However, other users get a big surprise when they buy a new SSD. Now someone has found valuable data on one of them new SSD:

Player buys a new SSD, and is surprised to find 800 GB of data said to be worth several thousand euros