February 23, 2024


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A replica of the colossal statue of Constantine in Rome

A replica of the colossal statue of Constantine in Rome

Rome – When 3D technology revives the past: In Rome, the huge version of the famous colossal statue of Constantine the Great can now be admired in the Capitoline Museums.

The 13-metre-high statue, commissioned by Emperor Constantine for himself in the 4th century AD, has been unveiled by Roman authorities in the garden of Villa Cafarelli. The replica of the original was created using 3D modeling technology.

Today only individual parts of the body of the original statue remain, which was rediscovered in the 15th century on the edge of the Roman Forum. The most famous pieces are the head, right arm, and right hand, in addition to the feet made of marble. The remains of the statue of the ruler who contributed greatly to the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire are also preserved in the Capitoline Museums in Rome, which are popular with tourists.

Using the measurements and dimensions of the remaining body parts, a team of researchers was able to create a digital body using 3D modeling. The result: a colossal statue of a seated emperor, wrapped in a golden robe and holding a scepter and an imperial orb in his hands. The statue is made of resin and polyurethane, as well as marble powder, gold leaf and plaster.

Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri expressed his happiness at the reconstruction of the huge statue. He said in the presentation that it contributes to a better understanding of the past. With it you can better understand the dimensions of antiquity.