March 3, 2024


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A Japanese startup creates custom shoes using 3D printing technology

A Japanese startup creates custom shoes using 3D printing technology

Japanese beginning My days Produces custom-made women’s shoes based on customer requirements using 3D printing. Custom shoes should fit well and provide the highest level of comfort.

According to the company, Ayami uses 3D scanners to measure customers’ feet with millimeter precision. Based on the 3D data generated, Ayame then prints a so-called last individual for each foot – a kind of shoe model. The custom shoe is then handcrafted using this 3D model.

Ayame uses Prusa 3D printers to 3D print the strips, because they are particularly reliable, according to company president NAME Suwabe. Printed plastic elastomers are strong enough to make shoes. At the same time, attaching screws was easier than with more massive models.

According to Swabi, Ayame wants to make custom-made, repairable shoes affordable through a subscription model. According to the company, custom-made shoes cost around 300,000 yen (just under 2,000 euros) and delivery takes more than 6 months. Thanks to 3D technology, the delivery time is only two months and the total cost for a year is about 79,200 yen (about 500 euros). Repairs are also included during this period.

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