February 22, 2024


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A feature to prevent installation of suspicious third-party apps on Android will be automatically added to Google Play Protect – GIGAZINE

A feature to prevent installation of suspicious third-party apps on Android will be automatically added to Google Play Protect – GIGAZINE

Google allows Android devices to install apps obtained from sources other than official app websites (sideloading), but there are often cases where users install less secure apps by mistake. In order to prevent such incidents, we have added a feature that automatically blocks third-party apps that request specific permissions.Google Play ProtectionIt has been revealed that it will be added to “. The system will be first introduced on a trial basis in Singapore.

Google Online Security Blog: Experimenting with new ways to protect Android users from financial fraud

A new feature introduced in Google Play Protect will likely use “Sensitive Runtime Permissions” that are often exploited for financial fraud when users try to install third-party apps, as it automatically analyzes and blocks the apps.

There are four permissions that Google Play Protect confirms: “RECEIVE_SMS,” “READ_SMS,” “BIND_Notifications,” and “Accessibility.” These permissions allow users to read the content of SMS messages and notifications, but can be used by malicious apps to intercept one-time passwords or read screen content.

According to Google, if a user who has Google Play Protect turned on sideloads and an app requests any of these four permissions, Google Play Protect will automatically block the installation and provide an explanation to the user, which they reportedly will.

Developers affected by this test should review the permissions their apps requestThe best exerciseWe ask that you make sure you follow the instructions. Additionally, for tips on fixing issues and steps to dispute them if necessary, see About Google Play Protect warnings.Guidelines for developersWe encourage you to return to.

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This add-on is part of a partnership between Google and the Cybersecurity Authority of Singapore, and has also been tested by the Singapore government. The first beta is expected to begin in Singapore within a few weeks of the announcement on February 6, 2024.

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