December 2, 2023


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A comprehensive explanation of Descente's successful golf brands, including "DESCENTE", "LECOQ SPORTIF" and "MUNSING WEAR" (PR) - WWD JAPAN

A comprehensive explanation of Descente’s successful golf brands, including “DESCENTE”, “LECOQ SPORTIF” and “MUNSING WEAR” (PR) – WWD JAPAN

Descent’s momentum is unstoppable. “DESCENTE” and “LE COQ SPORTIF” The momentum of the ratio is unstoppable. DESCENTE, LE COQ SPORTIF and MUNSINGWEAR, the leading brands in golf under the canopy, are doing well. The manufacturing experience that Descente has gained as a gym manufacturer has been combined with the unique design of each brand. There are a variety of items, from entry items for beginners to advanced items for intermediate and advanced users. I will explain while comparing the three brands.


Since its launch in 2015, the “Descente” golf class, of which Hidetoshi Nakata is an ambassador, has been popular among intermediate and advanced golfers in their 30s and 40s. Trend-defying simplicity and a slim, elegant silhouette are trendy, and up-to-date manufacturing with an emphasis on functionality and comfort is still alive and well. With the high-end men’s “G-ARK COLLECTION” and “LUXE COLLECTION” women’s combination, we suggest the “premium golf sportswear” for adults.

“le coq sportif”

Founded in 1882 in France, Le Coq Sportif is one of the sportswear manufacturers with a long history. He has supported athletes in many sports, including golf. Based on the concept of “RIJOUME”, a polished word consisting of “RICHE”, “JOIE” and “CHARME”, it combines functionality and design for golf. Elisa Ikeda has been appointed as the ambassador. The theme for fall/winter 2022 will be ‘The New Universe’, following design and technology that evokes the image of outer space.


In 1955 in the United States, the company “Munsingwear” produced the world’s first golf apparel. Since the brand’s inception, we have strived for the perfect golf apparel, honestly design and function to make your golf time special. The ‘Standard Collection’ announced this year proposes a simple, sophisticated design that coexists with essentials and innovation.

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3 brands available
flagship store

“DESCENTE GOLF COMPLEX GINZA” where “DESCENTE”, “le coq sportif” and “munsing wear” are available this time. Well located in Namiki-dori, Ginza, it is a large store with 3 floors and sales area of ​​about 330 square meters. From October 19 to November 8, if you purchase 38000 yen or more including taxes, you will receive a new gift.

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