February 8, 2023


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Is Your Android Phone Slowing Down? 7 Ways To Speed ​​Up | Lifehacker Japan

When the speed of the smartphone slows down,Life is about to come…I tend to think.

However, this is probably the backlog.”digital scrap‘Maybe I’m just out of tune.

Now that it’s 2023,It’s the perfect time to clean your phone. Let’s get a good start in the new year with a smooth running smartphone.

By the way,This article is about Android smartphones.So, on almost all Android smartphonesPlease note that the interface is different

It’s possible that some of the tips I’m going to share with you today don’t apply to your phone, or the menus you can use are in different places.

for this reason,device orrankingApplication search functionTry these tips with


Perhaps the most popular tips are:re-startI think. But there is, of course, a reason for this topping the list.

Many problems of Android phones(and technical issues in general)Because this simple reboot can solve

If your phone has been slowing down for a while, try restarting it and see if the problem goes away.

Keep it simple

stop using all service apps you care about,Keep it simple

For example”InstagramIt is designed to grab your attention and get you to see as many ads as possible. The same applies to most social networks like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

Deleting these apps and browsing the web in Chrome will save a lot of battery life.. Because it is a browser, it does not use as many sensors as an app.

Another method is the common application.Light versionis use

The lightweight app is a simple app designed for low-end smartphones.

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Search for “Camera Go” (a camera app developed by Google) or “Facebook Lite” on Google Play. Using these light apps will make your phone perform better as less resources are consumed.

Check for update

Basically, we recommend that you update to the latest Android OS version available for the smartphone.

However, if you want to use it as long as possible,Also keep in mind that updates come with trade-offs

If it is a security update, you should definitely install it to protect your phone from malware infections.

But,When it comes to public updates, this isn’t always the case.

For updates with major changes,Do a quick google search and see how other users have tried the new softwareLet’s find out

for old smartphonesPoorly optimized software updates can cripple your devicethere.

So before updating, always check to see if other users have reported performance issues.

in many cases,Manufacturers distribute patches to fix update-related issues. Once the persistent bugs are suppressed, the update is sure to improve the performance of the phone.

Either way, Google is on your side.

Delete unused apps

Many people tend to download popular or trending apps,Most of them will become unusable over time.

If you are full of apps you don’t use,Let’s take this opportunity to extend battery life and improve usability

It has many applicationsThey tend to run in the background even if they are not open and use your phone’s sensors. This will drain your battery and slow down your device.

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to remove them,rankingstorageother appsTo delete apps that you don’t use.

Note that some Android phones have this option on a separate Settings page.

Get rid of trash and save space

A good file management app is essential to keep track of what is taking up space

The GoogleGo filesTargets old and slow smartphones,Quickly free up space on any device

There are many other ways to secure free space, but there is none quite like Files Go in terms of its wide range of effects.

repeatedly,Also check the settings of your favorite messaging app to see if there are too many files

The WhatsAppYou can prevent all media files you open from being saved in your gallery by turning off automatic media downloads.

Transfer photos to the cloud

If you only store photos on your smartphone, one wrong move and you will lose all your precious memories.

Google Images“or”OneDriveusing apps likeKeep your photos safe by backing them up in the cloud

Furthermore,Securing free space on your smartphone will also make your device run faster

starting from nothing

If none of the above tips work,Back up all the data on your Android phone and start from scratch

There are two ways to do this.

Factory settings

It is easy to use and safeFactory settings“Am. By doing thisYour data will be erased and your phone will be restored to the state it was in when you took it out of the box.

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No data is lost as long as the data is backed up safely first.By updating your Android deviceYou can revive the usability of a new product

custom roms

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, and don’t mind spending the first few weeks troubleshooting every day,custom romsThird-party modified operating systemLet’s try to install

However, it is difficult. There is also a risk that even if the smartphone is hacked, it will not be covered by the warranty. So it is better not to try it on your main phone.

But custom ROMs can also have great benefits if you choose the right kind for your phone.

For example”Pixel experienceA ROM focused on achieving a Google Pixel-like experience on a third-party Android smartphone.

similarly”Paranoid AndroidFocuses on privacy.

Install a custom ROMGet rid of annoying Google trackingYou can try the latest version of Android.and it was not available on your smartphoneYou can add useful functions

If you are tech savvy, you might be able to rejuvenate your old Android phone while having fun with custom ROMs.

But for most other people, the effort just won’t be worth it.

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