June 13, 2024


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9 great games that will save you from the gaming crisis

9 great games that will save you from the gaming crisis

Some games are so beautiful that you can’t help but love them. (Image source: Bethesda)

If all games are annoying or boring right now, we’ve got you covered: These nine masterpieces can remind you just how great gaming actually is.

Gaming’s best lifesavers: they are always there for us

Boredom, meaninglessness, frustration, fatigue: sooner or later all gamers face a gaming crisis, some more often, others less often. In these times of need, very special games must be called upon to ignite the flame of passion.

We asked our wise community what games they chose as crisis savers. We were able to sympathize with some of the answers, while others surprised us greatly. In the series of images below, you can find out which games defy all gaming crises.

From Red Dead Redemption 2 to Dark Souls, some games have that extra something that can help us get through any gaming crisis. You can always count on her. Once you start, everything gets better.

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