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52 paths to success – review

52 paths to success – review

There are many business directories that contain valuable knowledge. But should you read all of these guides? Dennis Fisher wants to read hundreds of such guides for his book 52 Ways to Succeed and summarized the 52 best ideas. But: can he keep his promise? review.

I’ll admit it at first: I’m always a little skeptical when a book builds on summaries of ideas from other books. Because for me there is a reason why the author writes what is in his book at the end of the idea.

Then, just summarizing that content and creating a new work in this way seems a little “light” to me. How beautiful it is to see when my doubts give way to great joy. This is exactly what happened while reading Dennis Fisher’s book “52 Ways to Succeed”.

Review: “52 Ways to Success” – When Doubt Gives Way to Joy

I have known the author for some time as a reader of his newsletter. This always contains exciting ideas and deals with topics that make you think. What I like about it is that it often builds a bridge to the author’s experiences. So I was curious as to whether the book would go in that direction.

The book is divided into six topic areas. These begin with “goals and visions,” then move on to “self-management,” “finances,” “body, psychology, and mindset,” and then end with “relationships and network,” and “structure and focus.”

The different ideas in each topic area are then illustrated. I can already say that the ideas presented in this book are an excellent foundation for knowing business success and therefore a successful choice. Certainly some of these ideas have been discussed many times. But I don’t think that’s a flaw in the book.

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Dennis Fisher provides a better understanding

Because Dennis Fisher doesn’t just summarize certain ideas from business directories. Instead, he describes it in his own words, which often contributes to a better understanding. On the other hand, he presents representations of these ideas with his own classifications, complementing them with other ideas, and thus either supplementing them or showing new aspects.

In particular, he draws on his own experiences and experiences he has regarding individual ideas from the books. Having read a few books in which Dennis Fisher presents business ideas, I was able to get a good idea of ​​the author’s strong ability to present and describe these business ideas in his own words in a new way.

“52 ways to succeed”: more than just added value!

That alone would add value to this book for me. Yes – there is more! As the author writes in the preface, it is important for him that the reader practically implement the advice he receives. This is why there are specific instructions for each topic on how to “do” the topic.

Is that really enough now? No, because last but not least is the book’s website, where you can get checklists with video instructions as well as a podcast with episodes on each topic of the book.

Is there anything to criticize about the book? If you are honest, you have to look for points of criticism. So I find some of the headlines for some of the trade ideas a bit bad. And there can be a lot of discussion about how the six subject areas relate in a way that should be dealt with together in this book.

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Conclusion: “52 ways to succeed”

But this is idleness. Just because I may not be very knowledgeable in one of these areas doesn’t mean another person doesn’t particularly appreciate the subject. In any case, the topics are very comprehensive and certainly deal with questions that are of interest and therefore of interest to many people.

Perhaps my conclusion about this book is not surprising: I can recommend it without reservation. If you want to not only read summaries of business ideas, but also want to classify and comment on them, and also want recommendations for the implementation of these ideas, then this book is the best choice.

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