May 19, 2022


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5.7K camcorder in the test

The Panasonic Lumix GH6, as was already evident after the first rumors and announcements, is the next generation of camcorder. As of today, one thing is certain: With its new 25MP sensor and new image processor, it can handle professional video formats up to 5.7K/60p or even 4:2:2 10-bit. We have already tested the camera extensively and given hands-on experience.

For clarity: Apple ProRes HQ color depth with 422 It is 10-bit with a resolution of 5.7 kB Only at 30fps, if you need 60 or 50fps, you should 4: 2: 0 10 bit Switch. In addition, the camera offers a 4:3 . anamorphic mode 5.8K 30p / 25p / 24p 4: 2: 0 10 bit. The LUMIX GH6 also manages internal recording in 4:2:2 10-bit Cinema 4K/60p as well as parallel output in 4: 2: 2-bit Cinema 4K / 60p via HDMI. There are again 4K time-lapse and slow-motion modes with up to 300 frames in Full HD. In addition, it can be output via HDMI as RAW to Cinema 4K / 120p To the Atomos Ninja V+. Active cooling now ensures that amounts of data from the sensor and image processor are always managed too Infinite recording without interruption guaranteed.

Hands-on: Panasonic Lumix GH6 – 5.7K HDR Camcorder

Not just the higher amounts of data, but frankly that Dynamic Range Extension Especially computationally intensive, because Panasonic reads the two original sensor sensitivities and converts them into a real-time image, which then must have more corresponding dynamics. Just take a look at our test video – of course we tried it right away. Speaking of data volumes: Panasonic is now installed because of data rates Two different card slots: CFexpress B is fast and the other for cheaper SD cards, which can’t store all video formats. In view of this computing power and cooling, the case is made a little deeper. This is also possible for this now 3-inch display (613,000 pixels RGB) fold away. Provides 0.76 inch screen in viewfinder 1,226,667 pixels RGB. Fortunately, the camera once again offers video assist functions like waveform monitor, zebra pattern, brightness spot metering, frame markers, and distortion decompression screen, showing with a red recording frame and number recording indicators on the front and back that recording is in progress.

We also examine ergonomics in detail in our hands-on training and also show what you can expect from an image stabilizer. Because it is here again stabilized by optics (appropriate) As well as via the sensor installed in return. There is also an electronic stabilizer. Autofocus has been one of the speculations surrounding the GH6, as many phased autofocusing expected. What Panasonic Offers What GH6 when focusing , we also show above in the video and last but not least in the hands-on. Good news: In combination with the XLR-1 adapter, the GH6 can record four-channel audio and the camera offers a direct button on the top for easy control and regulation.

The 3-inch LC display on the back of the Panasonic Lumix GH 6 can now also be folded away.

GH6 is From March 2022 for €2,199.99 (RRP) as a residence or From €2,799.99 (RRP) included in the group 12-60mm lens Available. If you already own lenses: you need them Firmware UpdateWhich should be available for various optics from March.

Active Video Issue 0222 Gram News

Video activator 2/2022: The new trademark VIDEOAKTIV 2/2022 can now be purchased as an e-magazine and in Order the print version with free shipping. In the magazine you can read the test reports of the DJI Action 2, Air 2S, as well as the FujFilm X-T30 II and Sony Alpha 7IV. In addition, the new MacBook Pro 1 Max and the Portacapture X8 mobile phone recorder from Tascam as well as Adobe Premiere Elements and Corel Pinnacle Studio 25 have been tested for the new version. The practical class is also very attractive with many tests, guides and workshops, such as the great hands-on test on MFT fast lenses and the manual for automatic camera shooting.

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