September 27, 2021


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3D technology represents a century-old Chinese arc

In China, a 3D technology company is designing a Chinese temple arch to preserve Chinese heritage.

Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Recognized as a tourist attraction by the China National Tourism Administration, Mount Wutai is home to about 40 temples, including Longquan Temple, with its unique architectural style contributed by the legendary Hu Mingzhu (1895-1968). The goal was to create a highly detailed 3D model of an architectural monument using several portable 3D scanners.

Spirituality and three-dimensionality in the service of accuracy

The temple arch had to be reproduced in various elaborate forms in digital form So that this cultural treasure is preserved for future generations.

Two requirements had to be met. First, each element of the 3D arch must be recreated with maximum accuracy. Don’t forget about 3D modeling can not accept it. It should also be possible to inspect each structural part of the arch separately from the main 3D model.

3D scanning technologies were the best that met these two criteria. Thanks to the portable 3D scanner, it is possible to move around the object by scanning its surface after a section, from any necessary angle.

Artec Eva offers a larger field of view and faster scanning speed than the Space Spider and, therefore, can scan the surface faster. The strength of the Space Spider lies in its high 3D dot resolution (up to 0.05 mm) and high 3D resolution (up to 0.1 mm). So Eva was chosen to conduct a comprehensive arc survey, while the Space Spider scans its more intricate details.

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Scanners transmit 3D data collected by Artec Studio. Then, the latter restores the object’s shape by analyzing every slight distortion in the structured light rays that the scanners emit after the light reaches the object’s surface and bounces back towards the scanners.

Form certified by monks

The scan was completed in 14 days and approximately 500GB of raw data was collected, which is equivalent to 100,000 photos taken with a good smartphone. Eva and Space Spider scans are compatible with each other and can be easily integrated into Artec Studio.

A month later, the project was completed. The quality of the 3D model impressed the customer, just as the beauty of Hu Mingzhu’s original construction captivated many monks and lamas in the temples of Mount Wutai.

The 3D model of the arch is preserved for future generations and can be studied by architects, artists and geologists, although they had not visited Mount Wutai personally. Likewise, the 3D model can be displayed in the classroom and serve as an additional tool for teachers of Chinese history.

Of particular value is the fact that the upper parts of the arch, which are usually impossible to examine closely, can now be viewed in high resolution. Thanks to 3D scanning technologies, for the first time in history, every corner of this masterpiece is clearly visible to all interested.