June 13, 2024


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36/1000 teams, three times less than the blink of an eye …!

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Mercedes was in front on Friday but I gave you a “but” … what about Verstappen On smooth tires in a flawless spin with no traffic?

The answer fell on Saturday morning at P3. Verstappen fastest. Qualification confirms what we can hope for on the show.

A duel, a colossal duel between two teams, between super pilots. Hamilton It comes out for 36/1000 … three times less than the blink of an eye …!.

Nearly 1,000 people work tirelessly to design and build these fastest machines in the world, on top of technology, two pilots who tamed these wild beasts and at the end of the day a little gap …!

Lewis Hamilton’s 100th pole, what a moment in history. He’s always there when it really matters and feels like the more stress, the better he can perform.

But Verstappen will be in the frontline at his side. Last August it was 7/10, today at 36/1000 …, which marks Red Bull’s lead.

No need for a GP trailer…!.

Recall again Charles Leclerc Fourth for the third time with his Ferrari, in Esteban Ocon Fifth and third time in the lead Alonso And the two McLaren are again in the top ten.

Meet at Tipik at 2:30 pm for a great show.

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