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3 new features!  Improved Android device integration "Google Play Store" - Jetstream BLOG

3 new features! Improved Android device integration “Google Play Store” – Jetstream BLOG

  • Three new features have been added to the Google Play Store on Android to improve device integration
  • New other devices hub, device filter on search page, remote installation on multiple devices
  • Optimized device tethering in Google Play Store web version

Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Google10th Anniversary in March 2022We have started introducing three new functions to improve collaboration with the device in the comprehensive Android App Store “Google Play Store”.

As for the three new features brought to Android “Google Play Store” this time,September 2022 “Google System Update”It’s already announced in and three new features: a new hub for other devices, device filters on the search page, and remote installation on multiple devices.

Other Hardware Center

Other Hardware Center

A new Center for Other Devices is now available in the Android Google Play Store to find apps for Wear OS smartwatches, Android TV/Google TV, and Android Auto devices on your Android device.

Axle available[الأجهزة الأخرى]also inside[الألعاب]And the[التطبيقات]In the category[متجر Google Play]. Not available for Books, Movies and TV categories.

You can also install apps remotely from your Android device by selecting each device from the Other Device Center.

Remote installation of the application is possible

device filter

device filter

Android Device Filter “Google Play Store” is a function that allows you to filter by Android devices, Wear OS smartwatches, and Android TV/Google TV devices when searching for apps.

It is a filter function that makes it easy to find apps for Wear OS smartwatches, Android TV / Google TV as well as Android devices. It’s also available under the Google Play Store under the Games and Apps categories, just like the Other Devices hub, but not the Books and Movies & TV categories.

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Multiple remote installation

Remote installation on multiple devices

Starting in the second half of 2019, the Android “Google Play Store” will offer separate apps for Wear OS smartwatches and Android TV/Google TV devices.remote installationPreviously this was possible, but now you can select and install multiple devices remotely at once.

Additionally, and in line with the three new features introduced to Android “Google Play Store”,Web version “Google Play Store”However, collaboration with devices has also been enhanced, and it is now possible to search and install apps remotely for Android smartphones, Android tablets, Android TV/Google TV, Chromebooks, Wear OS and Android Auto.

Web version “Google Play Store”

The new device tethering optimization functionality for Android/WEB version of Google Play Store aims to enhance multi-device experiences in the Android ecosystem. Simply put, it improves the convenience of Android as a whole.

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